Tizen 2.0 Alpha SDK and Source Code released

It seems like Samsung and Intel are working hard on their Tizen platform as they have released Tizen 2.0 alpha version which has many improvements over the version 1.0 .So if you are a developer who wants to work for the tizen platform or if you are learning html5 you should try this SDK once as it is open source and free for download.
The latest Source Code is expected to be able to encourage developers to start working with the features and functionality and provide feedback that can be used to improve the Tizen during the final stages of development. You can visit the Tizen community to learn more about how to participate in the project Tizen.
Tizen 2.0 alpha has additional features and tools, as well as other improvements, including:
  • Improved Web framework that provides support HTML5/W3C better API and Device APIs Tizen more
  • Multi-process-based Web Runtime Webkit2 that provides better security and reliability for Web applications
  • Advanced HTML5 features such as subtitle and caption to the video, battery status APIs, screen orientation APIs, <keygen> and <details>, and more
  • Tizen new Device API for file transfer, nitifikasi, and power control
  • IDE & SDK for the development of more advanced Web applications
  • Install manager support for snapshot-based network installation
  • Improved support for OpenGL ES
  • Platform SDK that help development platform based on OBS
For More Info Visit the link https://source.tizen.org/release and for documentation on the development and tool you can visit https://source.tizen.org/os-development

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