Viber For Bada has disappeared from the app store ..!!

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As we know . Viber had released for Bada 2.0 from a few days ago . but after 3 or 4 days . Viber is not found on the Apps store .. I guess that’s because the Released Virsion of Viber for Bada is laggy to load and has a bugs makes it so heavy to run fast or this Version is not compatible with the other.
But i feel they will provide Wave Users with the newer version of Viber which support the VOIP service since the current version only contained messages photos and videos only but doesn’t support free calls yet .
We hope Viber bring us the new Version which support VOIP with fast and good performance . :)

We all are waiting for the best VOIP Version of Viber Bada :)



24 thoughts on “Viber For Bada has disappeared from the app store ..!!

  1. StreetDawg

    It wasnt working properly i think thats why it disappeared suddenly the should not release a beta it has to be the final version.

  2. Sohan

    V all bada users are cursed after v bought this wave phones. U wana chek? Try to sell yr phone. U wil get half money of what u actualy paid. N even if u sell it, buyer wil return u showing sm
    defect in phone! Lolz.

  3. Sohan

    V committed sin by trusting a company samsung which can make good hardware only. Dont expect any developement 4m them either in Bada or Android.

  4. Guillan

    No more hope for this f#ck!n BADA OS. there is NO POSSIBLITY that VOIP will be available for wave phone. This phone is as good as scrap. Before they promised that there will be skype that will run in our OS but they release this useless BIM. and now VIBER is the same as BIM. I regret i bought this kind phone.

    DK and BADA developers are just fooling us !!!!

  5. tennispro

    You guillan better shut up!!! u didnt think the way u talk! you kNow the word HOPE? Atleast there were people whose giving efforts for the good of BADA OS! You better not going back to this site after reading this… HOPELESS MAN!!!!!!

    1. Guillan

      LMAO! you will be in your grave then but still BADA won’t release any VOIP application. Just try to read the forums! You can HOPE for any other phones, but for BADA,,, THERE IS NO MORE HOPE. even the developers from SAMSUNG admitted that BADA was a failed OS. try to read something more about BADA from other sites, don’t just stick your ass reading this page!!!!

  6. Stanley Loong

    Thanks in advance to Viber R&D Team member…… I will support Viber bada and waiting for your final version VOIP Viber…\(^_^)/

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  8. shankar555

    its not showing on application store im very bored with bada can u suggest me any application which support my phone waveY gt-5380k LIKE KAKAOTALK VIBER…. AND HOW TO DOWNLOAD PLEASE

  9. Meet2k

    please bada user…
    i have wave y gt-5380k can any1 tell me how can i download any apps like viber….Wtsapp & Skype..?

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