Whatsapp install guide – For Badadroid

This guide will teach you how to run whatsapp on your samsung wave running Android.
How to install whatsapp:

1. Get another phone and insert your sim.

2. download whatsapp and a lbe privacy guard (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lbe.security.lite&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5sYmUuc2VjdXJpdHkubGl0ZSJd).

3. at lbe go to permission mannager -> phone ID -> click whatsapp -> Deny

4. open whatsapp and verify your number, wait for the sms at the other phone.

5. when whatsapp is finished, type your code 9a 3 digit code will be snet to your other phone, if not verify using call)

6. enjoy!!


ps: i cant add friends and also my friends cant add my phone number, their whatsapp says that i have no whatsapp.

kinda weird.


i think we need the sim support for getting recognized.

40 thoughts on “Whatsapp install guide – For Badadroid

  1. vivian

    I had successfully installed whatspp on my laptop using the bluestacks app player the frst time as I dont have any android phone. After reading the post here, i tried installing on my wave and was successful. Only thing is I have to manually enter the contacts again, it did not sync the contacts which I already had saved.

    Thanks for this, was missing whatsapp the most.

      1. graniti

        hello i have samsung gt-s7230e wave 723 with bada 2,0 and i registered on samsungapps but me there says your device is not registered pls help me ? thanks

        i need whats up viber msn etc

  2. lustro

    Can you explain a little better?
    Where you install the Whatsapp and LBE Privacy Guard, the Wave or the phone for you put the SIM emo.
    As you receive your activation code?

    Thank you.

  3. vivian

    I just followed the steps as was given here. The only difference is that I was already using whatsapp on my laptop, which means I was already registered. When I installed on my phone only I had to do was manually add contacts.

  4. jose

    hello, i just installed LBE Privacy guard bur when i tried to deny whatsapp permision it says i had to be root… i have badadroid y my samsung wave 1

  5. renu dahiya

    heyyy can u plz explain thz procedure in detail of getting whatsapp on samsung wave GTs 8600..plzzzzzz rplyyyyyyyy

  6. TrishaV

    Will this work for Samsung Wave 525?
    No viruses?
    The android phone I have has whatsapp already in it. So what do I do?

  7. aakash

    someone plz tell me how can i istall whatsapp in my samsung wave GT s8500. i have tried so many time but all in vain. plz suggest me . i want to use whatspp in my mobile

  8. Kushal Grover

    plzzz helpp,,, in the world of whats app. i can’t use it,,, F*#K ,,,
    only bcz of dis F*#king BADA software in wave s8500,,,
    really cant i use Whats app.? plz help meee

  9. Nicky Pike

    I have a Samsung GT- S8530 Wave 2 phone with Bada software & I have had endless problems with my internet, e-mail downloads, mms & reception. I have had to go from Vodacom to Cell C to 8-ta already with 2 simswops inbetween. I loose signal every so often and I cannot download Viber or Whatsapp unto my phone.
    Can someone please provide me with some info or kind assistance with regards to this particular model phone?
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Kind regards, Nicky

  10. gauravmalhotra

    mere ko bata do yarr whatsapp kase chalega in my waye y phone bada 2.0 h my no is 9953144459 plZzzz jaldi bata yarrrr …

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