Zombie Runaway [Unmodified Game]



hey guys ! my first post.
A very cool game from the famous Developer Com2us Corp. It was one of the most downloaded game of last year on android platform and its similar to Subway surfer and Temple Run and its available for Bada 2.0.

For Samsung Wave y and Wave m

Download it and to install use spoofing.

Screenshots game:

(OPTIONAL: save game almost everything released/unlocked :


paste the above downloaded file in : memory card/others/__@@Bada_aplications@@__/iwv48c7re8/data)




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  • http://rafaelll90.deviantart.com/ rafaelvasconcelos

    sorry, the link to download the save game is right, however after download, rename it to “zr_sav” without the quotes.

  • Jeetu jangid

    Plz plz upload asphalt game for wave y and plz upload more HD Games….for wave y..

  • afralr

    is it avail for wave 1?

    • http://rafaelll90.deviantart.com/ rafaelvasconcelos

      this version is just to wave y or wave m.
      you can test, but I believe it had not been with the correct resolution.

  • Jeetu jangid

    Plz plz add i player and slum dunk basketball game for wave y plz plz…….

  • wffarrel

    Yes compatible w/ wave-1 but I with no Zombie running just hidden all the rest is perfect..

  • kktkaran

    i spoof it on my wave2 , game plays but zombie not appearing

  • GS

    running good on WaveII, but zombie is invisible.. man do something.. its good game.. hope for positive result…

  • prabz

    zombie is invisible dude plz do smethng nd correct it
    this game is superb i have played in wave y.
    doing good in wave 2 but zombie is not visible

  • Nitish

    Spoofing in my wave y gives error 0112….pls help in the way u can

    • http://rafaelll90.deviantart.com/ rafaelvasconcelos

      you installed the Certificate on your wave?

  • Nitish

    Ya….i installed…is any firmware required for samsung wave y for spoofing

  • http://rafaelll90.deviantart.com/ rafaelvasconcelos

    someone who purchased the iplayer or outher apps for wave m or wave y.
    please contacts me rafaeutoon@gmail.com
    to share.

  • Near

    Can you please give me instructions how to put this on my device via spoofing?? I don’t get the available tutorial since the subject is on .bin. My phone is wave y

  • http://rafaelll90.deviantart.com/ rafaelvasconcelos

    You just do not do the part of apps_comprensed.
    pass the certificate to your card, install the certificate
    open the Bada Wave Spoof , and do as the tutorial

  • Jeetu jangid

    Hey plz upload i player and slum dunk basketball plzzzzzzzz …..