Android ICS 4.0.4 AOKP v1.3 [LINKS Updated – The Fast and The Furious ROM 1.3] by Tigrouzen


There are few minor changes done withthe ROm and it has been updated to v1.3

I have only tested v1.2


Please provide the changelog if you find any

This is not for wave 2 yet. Only wave 1 S8500

I am updating you guys with new links


People face problems in the links, so after Clicking when you’re taken to

Select ZippyShare, thats fastest way to download according to me





v1.3 wont be so different from 1.2 so here are the looks



Regards DK

I donot own any of the Content of the ROM

Only pictures and videos used in the post are mine

Please dont forget to say thanks to Tigrouzen at XDA

and Hellgate at Badahub for letting us know

ShpCSCFeature.ini fie – DOWNLOAD

Data.img v1.3 – DOWNLOAD

System v1.3 – DOWNLOAD

zImage v1.3 – DOWNLOAD

93 thoughts on “Android ICS 4.0.4 AOKP v1.3 [LINKS Updated – The Fast and The Furious ROM 1.3] by Tigrouzen

  1. TrooperFX

    Modern Combat 3 v1.0.1 works perfectly

    only issue, because we dont have much ram, it laggs a bit (mission 3 till now)

    loading a mission is also very long (about a minute)

      1. TrooperFX

        I dont think it will work that great.

        if you look at asphalt 6, even that game doesnt run at 1.3 (tigrouzen said)

        only thing i kow is that you need data for the videochip: PowerVR

  2. jason

    for the people who are having problems with this. 1st flash your boot files and fota files with multiloader 5.67. then replace downloaded shpcscfeature.ini using (connect phone withh stune go to browser and registry there you will find shpcscfeature.ini remove and replace.) restart phone and connect to computer and open computer drive and the phone drive here you will find extra folders, ospfolder ect… now place downloaded files ( data.img in ospfolder and system .img and zimage in phone folder. and oh yes baby youve done it. now turn off phone and hold call button and end call button for 5 to 10 secs phone will start in badadroid mode

  3. ron

    android in not booting when i press both call end + another button…?
    do i need to flash boot file or something..?
    please tell me what to do now..?

  4. zura

    hi everybody :)

    I to Samsung Apps

    October 2 at 3:01pm near Tbilisi ·

    Hi all :) everybody wants temple run on bada devices , pls make this application for bada :)
    Like ·

    Samsung Apps

    Hello , rest assured we are doing our best in terms of app updates! Your voice has been heard and we will keep you updated as best as possible. Thank you for your continued support of Samsung Apps!
    about an hour ago

    temple run will run on badaa :)

  5. Mohamed Kamal

    hey all,
    i need to know if i booted this rom,i will be able to work with any one of both Android and Bada or not?
    also i need to know is the SIM card working on Android and i ‘ll be able to make calls or not?
    thanks alot,…

  6. soruban

    Hello DK.. I am using samsung wave 1 with bada 2.0. So far I never tried Andriod in my device. I just viewed the installation process video which you uploaded here. I have 2 questions
    1. Is it enough to paste the files in a appropriate folder and reboot the device. Confirm any flashing process required before that…
    2. And also confirm in case of any issue can we directly delete all the files from the folder or need to reflash bada 2.0

  7. YusWave

    Hi All BadaDroid Developer ,
    Thank you in advance for making android life in Wave 1. especially Tigrouzen & Mike Gapinski. Both of You just awesome.

    For all Wave 2 user,
    I believed after android successfully working in Wave 1, than the developer will think about Wave 2 (I hope so). It is not 1 day to work on it because for sure the system is different between W1 and W2. If you all want to have fun with BadaDroid immediately. Easy…buy W1. hehe… :-)

    Hi DK,
    I am W1 and I never install BadaDroid to my W1 before.
    Within 4 months. I just keep follow Your updated until today I decided to test ICS 4.04 BadaDroid 1.3.
    Thanks so much to U who had provide such a great information and video in Youtube that help me to install everything in just 35 minute. (Download everything included Rooter). Thanks again. You also awesome.

    After done everything, I really have fun in playing free games from the store and everything just run good at this level.

    Same as all W1 user, Hoping simCard/Network/modem/3G/messaging will be working in the next release version.

    For all W1 user that still face problem in installing this updated. You just need to follow exactly the instruction from the video. If this is a first time to you to install in your W1. You need to root android first to your W1. This link are the step how i successfully done:



    Before I go to the last link I delete this 2 file:
    1. cache
    2. polishblood_Nightly1
    because I had done rooted android to my W1 from second link.
    “DK, please advise if I am wrong about this”.

    Then the last link is the latest one which is this link.
    No need to write here right..because the step perfectly showed by DK in his video.

    Thank you :-)
    Wave supporter

  8. soruban

    Hello DK. I followed the steps that you provided in the video. Transfered data.img to osp and system and zimage file to phone. Now i shutdown my mobile and turn it on by clicking call answer and call end button same time. but still bada only restarted and nothing else I am using official indian firmware version S8500DDLC2. Is there any additonal works need to be done apart from the video.

  9. MKlegoman357

    In this AOKP 1.3 works:

    *All 3 buttons:
    Call / Answer (menu)
    End Call (Back)
    Middle Button (Working Apps / Minimize App)

    *New Apps:
    Phone (To Dial a number)
    Google Map Apps
    Mail Apps
    Root Explorer

  10. manuj

    As per your direction I have copied files. Everytime I am pressing the call + call end button the phone boots to bada how can I boot to android.. Please give me steps or links

  11. gege

    nah, rom and rom again.. doesn’t need that much bro.. even i’m using wave 2 (and not interested anymore in porting) i suggest use your time to build better kernel for wave 1. Rom is only a surface, if the core kernel still the same as years ago, it wont advance.. never..
    build a brand new kernel (despite using an old rom) start from basic function like modem and media to work.

  12. assassinatingmachine

    bro i want to giv it a try for wave 3 will it b ok or vat n if ok vich keys shuld i press fr strting android

  13. Emmanuel

    Hello guys,
    I was wondering,
    if i try to install this one will my bada installation be affected ?
    Apps, files etc.
    I took a long time to set up everything in place.
    I’m using Turko v5 firmware.
    Will bada work normally if i flash bootloader and fota which are necessary for Android to run ?

    1. Anas

      there isnt any need to revert as android will be installed beside bada 2.0 (dual boot).. u can choose which os to turn while switching ur phone on

  14. duke

    DK i think i have a serious problem ,windows won’t recognize my wave no longer , i tried pretty much anything ,
    i got this message “samsung mobile usb composite device failed”
    i did a hard reset but it didn’t help ,
    now i can’t flash to see if this isn’t a firmware prob
    i’m on turko CFW 5 , is there any other method to install AOKP , can you help me ?

  15. phantom

    Android is going to be very fast on the waves now!

    If now anyone can do something that the modem will work and it wont need so much energy it will be very very nice but now respect thanks

  16. pushkas03

    just a question which came up.. if i have bada 2.0 and if i hard reset it.. will it reinstall the same firmware r will i hve to redo it again??

  17. Domin77

    How you run Modern Combat 3 ? I run game and it crashed (say Isn’t not responding)
    Sorry for my bad english

  18. Svallo

    Hello, thanks for all your work…

    I have a problem with the boot of the ROM, i had follow all the instructions, now tring to boot android i press both Start and close call buttons for a while, then come out the right boot image, the one showed in the 2nd video, but nothing happen after that and the screen become and stay black…

    Bada boot is still ok…

    What could it be….?

    Thank u again…

  19. vip1993

    When something moves on the Wave II? I still read just about Wave S8500 and the fact that the Wave II will be later, but for now do not come. I think the Wave II users feel forgotten and ignored.

    I apologize for any mistakes, but I do not know English very well (I’m Polish)

  20. Svallo


    In AOKP 1.3 doesnt work:
    *Battery (Android cant indicate it)

    > Same Issue, battery level unknown… the battery icon it’s empty with a “!” in.
    > Lock screen doesn’t work, if locked the phone never turns on again.
    > No functions in camera setting
    > Nova launcher goes often in crash
    > I think GPS doesn’t work, but it is so bad with bada too, that it isn’t a real problem.

    On the other hand:

    > 3d apps run fast and smooth
    > Google maps ok
    > Google Play has no bugs
    > Push wi-fi ok ( facebook app show me updates )

  21. itsme

    Now badadroid is very nice on the s8500!!!

    -Not so much ram problems anymore
    -faster system
    -finally the modem (integrade it next time, then its easier)
    -sd card support

    (y) nice work guys

  22. lan

    hi guys aokp works superb..just want to ask if aokp 1.3 is already rooted or should i root ics 4.0.4? N why some games like those in com2us when installed run at the beginning n suddenly drops, this games is only small in size, while games like temple run installed n run smoothly with this rom.

  23. Ali AbudMuhsen

    Hello guys

    I have problem with stune
    i deleted the file ShpCSCFeature.ini as in the video
    the problem is i can’t drag and drop the file again in stune
    when i drag it from my pc and try to drop it in stune the forbiden symbol(circle with line) shows and i can’t drop it

    any help!!
    thank you

  24. Pz

    hii DK n all Developers!!
    u hv provided nly above 3 links for zimage, data n system!
    r dey enough for badaroid runnin??
    r Bootfiles n Fota files needed here like dey wer in PolishBlood??
    or v hv to use same dose files for dis latest AOKP??
    pls upload total steps n reqd links for basic files inb separate column!!
    infinite thnx to u n all!!

  25. Bingoe

    Wont work. Tested with other Firmwares too.

    JellyBean, Polish ICS, SlimBean and other Releases working great but this Release sucks. Wave ist Booting with Badadroid Screen and than the Screen turns black without response. And yes- i´ve placed the right files in folders and used the correct fota.

    Do we have some wizards here or are the developers just kidding us?

  26. vignesh

    @ali u hav jst drag it nd put it it gets automatically copied……. click nd open other than registry… nd again open registry u wil find it.. 😉

  27. aditya

    plz make some cool firmware for samsung wave y.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i m waiting for it.

  28. vaibhavngm

    i did all that was said.but my wave(s8500) is not booting in android mode when i press the call key+end key. every time it boots in bada mode.
    pls tell me what to do.

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