How to save an unmodified game/app (Wave Y, M)


Today I will teach you guys how to save and share, an Unmodified game/app. It is simple, however time consuming.But at the end of tutorial you will be able to backup and share unmodified apps with everyone.

#In Samsung Wave Y, is no use saving the folder because it has some files inside the folder ‘info’ which is encrypted, and only works on that same Samsung Wave series phone#

Software used:
TKFile Explorer (download link )


* First if the game/app you want to share is on the card is easy
put your wave in mass storage, Locate the application folder:


you will have to see what the ID app for that click folders and inside the folder ‘res’ will have the icon of the app. when you think its the desired application then save folder.

* (That folder you saved is now a backup of your savegame) disconnect your wave.

** Uninstall the app/game for your wave.

*** In your Wave, get in Settings> General>instaliation Location> memory card.

**** connect your wave mode Kies, open TKFile Explorer and open the folder:

***** In your wave, click on the Samsung apps, click downloads, find the game/app and click download.

This will start downloading, this time stay tuned, click the folder:

and see that a file will appear more or less like this:

see the initials, the same application ID that you saved in step one.
be very careful, When the download reaches 100% click the folder:

and double click the file (ID)**********.oap
-do not mess with TK as it may stop responding-

after that this file will be in C:/

open the *****.oap with winrar.
create a new folder, and drag the folders and signature.xml.
then copy the ID and rename the folder.
compress and upload and share. (if you want to test, you can test, but it sure will work)

-If you have backup the application and want your save game back, just connect your wave in mass storage, and find the folder ID of the game,and replace the folder ‘data’.

Some screenshot of the process:
in wave
in TK


-Sorry my bad english.


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  1. Ritz

    The tutorial only tell us how to share but didn’t really tell us how to ”save” games/apps. Please tell us how to save them.

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