Ideal Ball [Unmodified Game] (Wave Y,M)



Hey guys,
I got a game called Ideal Ball for Wave Y,M from Chinese store. It is a fun game so you should download it.
It is very similar to Seven Stars 3D, but with different name.
It has no description of the Samsung apps because it is in Chinese language. However the game is in English.

*how to spoof: (not a part of apps_compressed)*

*method to install more applications using spoofing>> *





17 thoughts on “Ideal Ball [Unmodified Game] (Wave Y,M)

  1. Emy

    plzzzz when I spoofing it and make rename error appear to me said that ” we can’t find Appinfo ” .. so what should I do plzzz :(

    1. rafaelvasconcelos Post author

      I know, I know correct. if you can post a screenshot for me to see what comes up.
      I downloaded my version for android and put stages, however I do not know if it works because I never spent the first stage: (


      Hey i m not able to go next level even after completion of first?????

  2. rafaelvasconcelos Post author

    ‘ll teach you by email.
    [email protected]

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