Official Firmwares for Wave 1 GT-S8500 – Top 10 latest

Here are some latest official firmwares for Wave I ( S8500 ) all of you so if you are facing any problem with your firmware then you can easily download  and flash to any of these firmwares and fix your phone with the latest official updates.

I really don’t know which of them is the best so i would like you to download and flash the firmwares and give a brief review of the firmware so that everyone can know which one is the best so that every one can download it.

I want to make it clear that anyone can flash any country’s firmware and i have never faced any problem with it.

Official Firmwares for GT-S8500 – Top 10 latest

Norway (Telenor)2012 July2.0S8500CVLG1S8500TENLG1Download
South Africa (XFM)2012 July2.0S8500XXLG1S8500XFMLG2Download
South Africa2012 July2.0S8500XXLG1S8500XFELG1Download
Portugal (TPH)2012 July2.0S8500XXLG1S8500OXCLG1Download
Austria (T-Mobile)2012 June2.0S8500BOLE1S8500MAXLE1Download
Czech Republic (T-Mobile)2012 June2.0S8500BOLE1S8500TMZLE1Download
Netherlands (T-Mobile)2012 June2.0S8500BOLE1S8500TNLLE1Download
Germany (T-Mobile)2012 June2.0S8500BOLE1S8500DTMLE1Download
United Kingdom (O2)2012 JuneS8500BWLF1S8500O2ULD1Download
Russia2012 June2.0S8500XELF1S8500CISLF1Download

Source: Sammobile

21 thoughts on “Official Firmwares for Wave 1 GT-S8500 – Top 10 latest

  1. soruban

    @Shashank.. you said anyone can flash any country’s firmware, then why samsung providing individual firmware for each country.. For example the latest south africa firmware XFM has only CSC for KOR and no indian CSC. In Customer.xml they added the actual settings of network providers based on the country. You can flash any firmware but you will get network conflict.

  2. soruban

    Can we edit CSC file from the south african firmware XFM to Indian INU. Just copy and paste the indian csc to KOR with Wave_Remaker_NEW_2_0_9_2. I tried and saved. but able to save with non compressed CSC. so the total size changed from 37633 KB to 42900 kb. is there any problem if we flash with this non compressed CSC file.

  3. soruban

    Hey.. I tested XFM and XFE. Nothing difference from DDLC2.. only Music hub app is available in XFM which is not accessible from india.. all other details are same. More over internet not connected immediately while using these firmware. I think DDLC2 is more stable and fluid…

  4. Bob Barry

    This post shows Bada 2.0 is available (at long last!) for South Africa. But Kies still shows my Wave I, running Bada 1.2, has the “latest firmware”. My Kies is fully up-to-date. How does one get Kies to deliver the most recent firmware update?

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  6. Malaias

    Hello guys i´m Portuguese and i would like to make a question and get the answer, of course, from any one of you fellows, please.
    I´ve got the latest version to Samsung wave gt s8500, the bada 2.0, but i would like to get back the previous version i think is much better. How can i do it?I would appreciate an answer. Tanks.

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