The Fastest ROM ever Built For Samsung wave – Now with 380mb of Memory [5/10/12] update AOKP v1.2 by Tigrouzen

fast and furious ROM

THE FAST & FURIOUS ROm for Samsung Wave devices Bada 2.0 (currently working Samsung wave 1 S8500 and Running on wave 2 using ddms)

Tigrouzen at XDA has done the Impossible

Yes Believe me, Now we have 380 mb of DATA to store System apps and world is infinite with your SD card support

This ROM claims to be the FASTEST? i had to test it personally. Yes i put a STAMP on it “IT IS THE FASTEST ROM”

Is it Stable? “Quite Enough”

No more Memory Error messages

Run big Games

without any error


It is Android ICS 4.0.4 , well i do agree with Tigrouzen at this point that samsung wave cannot Handle Jelly bean optimally/efficiently

We got to find a way out. ICS was the way and when coupled with AOKP features with NOVA launcher the ROM takes it to new Heights


The Name of the ROM is very Apt “THE FAST & FURIOUS ROM”


Here is the Video on how to install This AOKP version

The Installation is quite different from Traditional Installation

This ROM doesnt REQUIRE cache.img file


How to Install This ROM



ROM Review



Regards DK


P.S i Do not own this ROm or any of the editings. Only the images and videos used are my work.

Thanks to Tigrouzen at XDA who has really worked Hard on this ROM

Special thanks to HELLGATE who informed us about this update on Badahub


*Remember No cache is Required for this ROM*

Data.img – DOWNLOAD 

system.img – DOWNLOAD


111 thoughts on “The Fastest ROM ever Built For Samsung wave – Now with 380mb of Memory [5/10/12] update AOKP v1.2 by Tigrouzen

  1. Jamal

    Hi there.. I’m always have a problem to download this file .. I can’t download this file from multiupload server.. can you upload in mediafire and put all files in rar/7zip in 1 files?

    Im wave s8500 user, I want to use this fastest rom.. .. please upload to mediafire …. thanks…

  2. Dave

    I’m new with this. Can you tell me that can I use my this beside my bada OS? Or its like I changed my bada OS totally to android?

    1. TrooperFX

      till now i tested on v4.1 MC3 V1.0.1 (V1.1.1 doesnt work)
      but no luck. it just keeps restarting the app.

      MC2 will work perfectly at 44-56 FPS (our android is limited till 56, bada gets 63 FPS)

      Other shooting games not tested, I’m gonna test MC3 in this rom.

  3. Elania (Brasil)

    And the battery is working?
    Because if you did not continue with that slim does not work.
    Has language Portuguese (Brazil)?
    Thank you.

  4. RazzMaTazz

    can this rom, work on S8500 with bada 1.0 on it?.. and will it also dual boot to android?.. looking forward for its final release!.. thanks! :)

    1. TrooperFX

      it’s running by using a program. but i think they had a issue with the screendrivers.

      also the wave 2 will run slower (cause of same hardware, but bigger screen. so it need to load more pixels)

  5. redabonna

    How u said that it doesn’t work on wave too .while your post said the reverse?!!!! u said in this post (currently working Samsung wave 1 S8500 and Running on wave 2 using ddms)…!!!
    i need explaining plzz abput regards

  6. redabonna

    sorry ..iam going to correct my previous post..i meant about Wave II ..when u asid in the thread (currently working Samsung wave 1 S8500 and Running on wave 2 using ddms) ..but in the comments u said that it doesnt work..!!!

    1. nasko

      It is working on wave 2 as well, but there is no display driver.
      So there is pretty much no use for a regular user 😉

  7. redabonna


    It is working on wave 2 as well, but there is no display driver.
    So there is pretty much no use for a regular user

    excuse me .. your post is so opposite ..!!! u said it is working on wave 2 as well while u said then that no display driver,,how i use the driver without a display..!!!!! ..i need more explaining from u or DK regards

    1. RazzMaTazz

      he meant it should’ve worked on wave 2, if only the “ddms or display driver” is working.. so to make it short, it is currently not working on wave 2 without it..

  8. wttnk

    hey guys.. i did like in the tutorial but andriud it`s not booting (answer button+reject button).. any suggestion pls ??

  9. Andy

    there are large number of Wave 2 users waiting for ICS port (including me} , hope they get a one for Wave 2 soon… waitin Patiently : )

  10. prince

    Any one plzz write the steps for how to install this rom.
    becaz there had been some prob wid my pc, cant open videos.

  11. Mh

    Wont start for my Wave 1. I did everything whats in the tutorial but cant boot it. Always Bada starts to booting. Do we have to flash some other files too or what is the problem?

  12. dearjez

    Hi! am using firmware 2.0.1 S8500XXLA (FOP) on my wave I device, but doesnt load after badadroids logo. Whats the matter? help me please

  13. sandy

    i downloaded all three files. after unzip the three files sum upto 510 mb or so . now how to put this in phone memory of 380 mb. plz help.

  14. nobe

    was able to use it. installed instagram facebook and temple run. and didn’t work the next day after i booted to bada. just the badadroid logo and nothing more.

  15. kktkaran

    [email protected]

    request them to make ‘temple run” for bada os

  16. LUCK

    Y does it lag so much?
    when i touch the screen the input is taken by the os 3 -4 secs after the touch X(
    y so laggy?

    1. Jamal

      you need let all system / boot files loaded.. it may take 5 minutes then you can use it… it’s slow when open some apps or games.. but when apps and game was running.. it will speed in 100%.. im still using badadroid..

  17. Jamal

    Thanks for the help.. it’s really works… AMAZING.. !!!! even TIZEN will release next year for BADA, but still we need ANDROID .. by the way, thanks a lot for this ROM and we hope it will work 100%.. it’s really speed and fast enough..

  18. Jamal

    by the way.. I have problem with the lockscreen.. when I press lockscreen then I can’t unlock it because screen didn’t show nothing.. I have to restart it again.. but nevermind.. it’s speed enough.. thanks again..

  19. piercelkc

    the search function does not work in bada, neither contact or message, after replaced the ShpCSCfeature.ini.
    Can anyone post the default ShpCSCfeature.ini file? thanks.

  20. Kemo

    hey all,
    i copied the files as it appear in the installation video and i tried to turn off and press both call + call end but it always open BADA not android
    please help please

    1. Jamal

      do you already flash boot and fota in your Bada 2.0?

      you must have copy both files use multiloader to change BOOT and Fota to boot badadroid..

      1. Kemo

        Dear Jamal,
        yes i already now using BADA2.0
        is there any BOOT or Fota files i need to boot badaroid?????
        and thanks for your reply

  21. Emmanuel

    Hello guys,
    I was wondering,
    if i try to install this one will my bada installation be affected ?
    Apps, files etc.
    I took a long time to set up everything in place.
    I’m using Turko v5 firmware.
    Will bada work normally if i flash bootloader and fota which are necessary for Android to run ?

    1. Jamal

      it will not affect your bada.. but sometimes you MC will changes after your install badadroid.. make sure make backup your memorycard.. im using 2gb to try this.. and it works. no need worry about error .. Im still using badadroid till now. I like to use it, to play games and some apps… still my bada 2.0 in good condition.. dont worry…

    1. koldoburdin

      Hello, I have re flashed the FOTA after all the previous installation and, indeed, the device boots before, but still slow in the loading process that follows.

  22. A1100083

    hey guys! why is it that all this custom roms cannot be extract? is there some1 knows why? please tell us all the info about this rom.

  23. A1100083

    and also can u please tell me how to install it? do i have to replace my bada os? or i haveto install first android 2.1?please tell me

    1. Jamal

      no need replace bada os.. just copy this rom into your phone.. its because this rom running with bada os….. its mean you have 2 os in your phone. Bada 2.0 and BADADROID…

  24. koldoburdin

    Hello, I just installed the AOKP v1.2 and add the MIUI Launcher (MiHome), and I find it more agile than the Nova brings preinstalled.
    Great work Tigrouzen group and my appreciation for their work.
    Thanks and best success to get the remaining benefits.

  25. Raju

    I added this ROM on my Samsung Wave 1 and was able to boot to the droid os but after that, I get to do any 1 ting – scroll the home screens or go into menu;
    The phone jumps back to the home screen after that and freezes; Nothing works except a reboot —- can anyone help me with this plz;

  26. Pmm

    I have wave 1 with bada 1.0, would this work and i also want to know if i would be able to make phone calls on the phone after installing

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