Tizen 2.0 running on reference device (GT-i9500)

Samsung has the best Hardware but still lacking on Software. Samsung faced a lot of Criticism on its Proprietary os. Now with help of Intel they are in full swing to develop their own smartphone operating system.

Some photos of Tizen 2.0 (codename Magnolia) running on the Tizen reference device (GT-i9500) which is made by Samsung. As you will see the interface is mostly the same like on Tizen 1.0 (codename Larkspur), most changes are made under the hood.
We are looking forward to see the first Tizen based devices, our expectation is that Samsung will announce their first Tizen device in the first half of 2013 which could be on Mobile World Congress 2013.


Images that came up


f: id: moguriso: 20120928012456j: plain
f: id: moguriso: 20120928012505j: plain

Seems to have the new boot logo.

f: id: moguriso: 20120928010828j: plain

f: id: moguriso: 20120928010846j: plain

Language selection.

f: id: moguriso: 20120928011104j: plain


f: id: moguriso: 20120928011153j: plain

Version of the OS is Magnolia.

f: id: moguriso: 20120928010938j: plain

Desktop screen. I feel that has not changed much.

f: id: moguriso: 20120928012621j: plain
f: id: moguriso: 20120928012613j: plain




9 thoughts on “Tizen 2.0 running on reference device (GT-i9500)

  1. vihang

    if the tizen is coded in html5 language and as samsung says its open… den html5 can easily run apk files on it.. so if tizen is ported on waves or galaxys than it will be running tizen apps as well as android apks also in all phones on which tizen can run..
    Now lets hope for the best

  2. mitra

    how install game and apps in tizzen if like bada so tizzen is bad os but if like android and easy install apps is good

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