Tizen Preview 2.0.0a smartphone for Tizen developers

Samsung and Intel has released It’s new non-commercial smartphone only for developers which has the alpha version of the Tizen Operating System. The below photos show a similar interface as of bada 2.0 but as it is the alpha version we hope to see some improvements over the alpha version.

Tell us your views about the interface and the new device as you never know some one from Samsung or Intel may be watching all this.


Preview 2.0.0a smartphone Tizen Tizen for developers

Interface Menu



Clock & Alarm

Contact / Phonebook


Video PSY – Gangnam Style



Music Player

Telephone Interface

Settings / Settings

Search / Search

Settings> About Phone

Here’s a video of Tizen 2.0 for developers (Reference Tizen Phone):

17 thoughts on “Tizen Preview 2.0.0a smartphone for Tizen developers

  1. SA71

    It is too early to make any judgement about Tizen. These pictures and the video above, will rather turn everybody off before Tizen becomes a nice looking, functional and fast OS. Shown on the ugly device like this, it becomes even worse.

  2. vinith

    its an old news buddy….and tizen bada merger is confirmed…all waves can get update if not atleast wave 3 will surely get update

  3. dilip55

    It almost looks like Bada 2.0 ,though not enough information is available,I m looking forward to see whether it can play .flv videos & do video editing.

  4. mohan

    will tizen have video pass function in camera because there is no such option in bada 2.0 . and voice disable option in setting like 1.2 in camera

  5. shyam

    I don’t care about the interface but it should not be slow as Bada 2.0.
    hoping tizen doesn’t have bugs like bada 2.0. ( Bada 1.2 was better that 2.0 )

  6. WaveGuru

    UI is almost similar to Bada 2.0…looking like carbon copy of Bada 2.0… it is understandable as it is also Samsung’s(along with intel) product…hope all hero waves will get this

  7. vinith

    tizen has capability to run andorid apps…and it will have whatsapp too….and this images are off aplha tizen…wen its complete the os will be more polished…

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