Welcome To Hell HD[Unmodified Game] (Wave Y,M)



Experience horror in stunning 3D for Bada!
Destroy waves of hellish undead zombies before they destroy you.
Welcome to hell…will you survive?

– Blood and gore delivered in stunning 3D.
– Multiple weapons to unlock.
– 3D sound positioning. Hear the horror come from behind!
– High quality sound effects with individual volume control.
– Multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish.

*how to spoof:

http://badahub.com/2012/06/spoof-unlimited-on-bada-2-0new-method.html (not a part of apps_compressed)*

*method to install more applications using spoofing>>http://sta.sh/05dr1t5m5so *
*I ask whoever has the most applications for wave y , m contacts me.PLZ*




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