Windows 8 theme for wave y

w_01707_1 w_01707_0


Windows 8 theme for wave y with cool icon and windows 8 experience. It is only for Samsung Wave y and M smartphones . So if  you download this free theme for any other Samsung wave device it will work for your device also but it will not look that good but you can try.
Download and Enoy.
i hope you like it.


w_01707_1 w_01707_0



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  • Akashc5212

    Thanx for those themes but can u plzz tell answer me the following questions??
    1.When will gameloft make games for wave y?
    2.When will Android become available for wave y?
    3.where can I find best java games of 320×480 resolution for any game that work in full screen on wave y?
    4.How to change resolution of java games in wave y?

    • TrooperFX

      1. I dont know. hope for you soon.
      2. Not. maybe tizen (port for wave 1 is in developement)
      3. Google it
      4. winrar. just look google

      • Akashc5212

        thanx for reply but none of the methods works..I can only rotate the games but they are not full screen..

  • Jeetujangid

    3.go to and download any 240*400 games….the game work fine and fullscreen…

    And 1.2.4
    i dont know……

    • Akashc5212


  • nikhil

    For game lovers throw this phone & buy higher end phones like wave 1,2,3!

    • Akashc5212

      If I had enough money to buy high end mobile then why I will buy a entry level phone?? -_-