Custom Rom Lite Remix For Wave 1 & 2


This Rom is not developed by me I am just sharing it here.


A customizable CFW:
The Lite Remix is the most customizable CFW available for the GT-S8500 And GT-8530. Customizable means: easily customizable by you. Once you did the basic install of the Lite Remix, you may choose which apps are installed, which apps show up in the main menu, how much app memory you have free, which lockscreen (original or new) to use, boot animations, boot screens and even which Bada FW core (XXLG1, JVLC2 or DDLC2) to use – all this without losing any data and having to set up everything a new. Although the Lite Remix is originally based on Hero355′s and Nexus’ work, it now has many unique features.

A ‘lite’ CFW:
Although this CFW is lite in every sense of the word, meaning only the absolutely basic, non memory wasting stuff is included in the base install, you’re not actually missing on anything. You may have everything other CFWs have in this one, too, but at your own choice and pace. You may add and remove anything that you need at your own will, and on top of that I’m providing easy to follow instructions for you to do so. The goal of this CFW is to be lite and easy on RAM, so that even HD Games like Tintin work good on it, while still keeping functionality. It is also intended as a solid base for other CFW projects of your own.

Choose your own base FW:
Using the core patches you may change the base FW (standard: XXLG1) for this (JVLC2 and DDLC2 patches included in the main archive). You won’t lose any data flashing them and you can always go back. If you should notice problems such as lag, low battery life or non-working push email, I highly recommend using the JVLC2 FW core from the all-in-one-package above instead. Patching is easy, safe and quick. Updated core patches are now included in the LiteRemix XXLG1 archive (extras folder) itself.

Thanks go to…:
This is based on Nexus’ XXLD2Hero355′s Amazing Turko CFW v8 and Hero355s Fully Lite CZLC2. I included only what I deemed the best features from both worlds and also did some heavy modifications of my own. Also, big thanks to B. Kubica, Cybekteam, Ho1od, Dokugogagoji, Adfree, Greg.Stephens and _Aurex_, who made some of the modifications possible.

Complete list of features in LiteRemix XXLG1 v4:

  • DBT, MOT, AUT and ATO configurations included in special german CSC.
  • Samsung Market already updated (thanks to adfree).
  • Further Dolfin browser optimizations (thanks, PsyCoy and Hero355).
  • Revised core patches for DDLC2 and JVLC2 included in the archive.
  • Instructions included for basically everything.
  • New RC2 boot image by Greg.Stephens.
  • New PowerOnOff animation created by Greg.Stephens.
  • New standard wallpaper and lockscreen background.
  • New sound scheme based on WP 7.5 sounds.
  • White keyboard (thanks _Aurex_).
  • Amazing quick panel with data option (thanks Hero355 and Dokugogagoji).
  • Icons compeletely reworked (thanks, Hero355).
  • New icons for Java apps and some others.
  • New extended bonus package with choosable PowerOnOff animations, boot images, ringtones, wallpapers, etc…
  • Caster, Music Hub, SevenIM, Polaris, ChatON, GTalk, Yahoo, MSN provided as install files (bonus package).
  • All widgets provided as install files (bonus package).
  • Many other things (boot animations, wallpapers, sounds…) also included in the bonus package.
  • You have 865MB of 881MB app memory free with optional apps uninstalled and alternative FFS used.
  • An Key LCD off.
  • Choosable Java app main menu configurations (MenuCFG folder).
  • Optional BadaDroid compatibility (see bonus package). Get the files and instructions from here. Made possible by BadaDroid team on XDA and Mike Gapinsky.
  • Includes Hero355s improved FM radio. Listen to music without headphones plugged!
  • Alarm doesn’t stop after one minute.
  • Low ringtone volume fixed.
  • Camera supports portrait mode.
  • Calculator uses radians instead of degrees.
  • Operator name removed from quick panel.
  • Wave 3 lockscreen from Nexus’ XXLD2. Caller screen with touch controls.
  • Remastered S3 startup sound.
  • Google Maps, Opera, Facebook, Song ID, BlueFTP, DB Rail Navigator included and uninstallable.
  • Applemint font is included and set as default.
  • Drastically reduced fonts (original is ~18MB, here it is ~2MB). Asian symbols supported via special fonts manually installable from extras folder.
  • Social Hub Premium activated.
  • Homescreen and main menu rearranged to favor most used apps.
  • USB access to hidden storage (no sTune needed).
  • PDF, widgets, gadgets removed from Bada 1.2 storage by Hero355.
  • All but needed ringtones and alert tones removed.
  • Removed all Widgets from main installation.
  • Removed Polaris, YouTube and Google from main installation.
  • Removed duplicate apps in SHPAPP.
  • Several configuration tweaks by Nexus and Hero355.
  • Various bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements made by myself.


I included five different CSC files in this CFW:

o Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Irish
o Languages: English, Slovenian, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Russian, Estonian, Latvian
o Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Croatian, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Irish
o Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic
o Languages: English, German


Basic instructions for installing the Lite Remix:


Full Flashing
[1] Select from the CSC folder the CSC file fitting your needs (check 
    the accompanied text file). 
[2] Select from the MenuCFG folder the menu configuration fitting your 
    needs (optional, only if you want Java apps in the main menu).
[3] Full flash with CSC, MenuCFG and the files from this directory.
[4] Still confused? You might want to use Google and search for a 
    flashing tutorial.

I Want More App Memory!
Alright, I heard you. Just use the alternate FFS file inside the 
'zzz_extras' folder inside of the standard. Has to be applied during 
full flash, and you'll have to manually update Samsung Market this way, 
but you'll have ~10MB additional app memory, which might come in handy 
for demanding HD games. 

Music Hub, Caster, SevenIM, Widgets...
You might wonder where all the additional apps and widgets have gone. In 
the liteRemix, these are provided via a seperate extended bonus package 
with instructions included. You may add these to your running FW at any 
time without any data loss at all. Yup, your contacts, messages, memos, 
... will stay intact, even if you add these later on. 

Core Patches?
As the only Bada 2.0 CFW available, the liteRemix provides you with the 
possibility to hot swap the core components of your FW. Turkish JVLC2 
and indian DDLC2 are provided as alternatives (don't worry, your set 
language won't be affected by using the patches). If you're experiencing 
slowdowns and/or lag in your installation, why not try this? Check the 
core patches folder (in zzz_extras) for instructions! Again, hot 
swapping the FW core components is done without any data loss. 

I Want The Original Lockscreen Back!
No problem, just check the original lockscreen folder inside the 
zzz_extras folder. Again, you won't have any data loss adding this to a 
running installation. Starting to see a pattern here? 

Still want more?
Checkout the extended bonus package for a lot more stuff: additional 
ringtones, wallpapers, boot images, boot animations, BadaDroid patch, 

Download Links For Samsung Wave 1

Download Links For Samsung Wave 2

Everything you need to start is included in the main archive. Use the v3.99 edition if you don’t want the new icons and quickpanel. Bonus stuff such as ringtones, wallpapers, application/widget installs, boot animations and boot images are included in the extended bonus package.

If you want Java apps in main menu check the MenuCFG folder (in extras) before full flashing!
Big thanks to Nexus and Hero355 for their great work that this is based on!

More Screenshots:


Source: xda-Developers

Link to the original post:

Source For Wave 1

Source For Wave 2

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  • Serghii

    Hero,Nexus and the other,you are the best! thanks x 100000

  • Astone

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  • TrooperFX

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  • Auris

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  • jimmy

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  • SimyG

    I really like this fw. I have a problem. I can not log on to Facebook. what could be wrong?

  • Gilberto

    Please, include CSC files for ZTO Brasil.
    UMTS 850 and 2100 .
    Please !
    The brazilian users were totally abandoned by Samsung. We are still at version 1.2!

  • saroj kumar saha

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  • sorubank

    Completely ***USELLESS*** Firmware… works only till any apps downloaded from samsung apps. then it automatically rebooting contineously.. and even if you click the notification bar the phone restart. Turko V8 is much much better, this CFW is completely a CRAP.. Guys dont waste your time by installing this until they release the bug free.

  • Sancho666

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    Is This Badadroid for WAVE II?

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  • Astone

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  • anand2dr

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    for bada everything sucks..even turko 8

  • khaled bada

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  • Rocky

    Listen all wave 2 users please do not try to install this rom on ur wave 2 GT-S8530 because as per my experience it got my wave 2 bricked and i had to use many other methods but finally got it working. The rom gets stuck while flashing with the multiloader and does not get completed with the flashing process. So please do not go for it. According to me, wait for Elite V5 to be released becauseElite v4 is the best rom which i have used with no problem at all but has no Samsung LBS app but is quite fast and light.

  • one

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  • one

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  • one

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  • khaled bada

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  • trype18

    Hey, thanks for this… appreciate it a lot… btw, do you have the .rc1 file with wave 3 lockscreen, like in hero’s previous firmware versions, and white keypad? Also, can you share the .smt file for the theme of this firmware? Thanks again.

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  • Kyle Smith on Semphi

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  • raymond

    I can’t get any of these applications
    Google Maps, Opera, Facebook, Song ID, BlueFTP, DB Rail Navigator included and uninstallable.


    Mine seems to work fine. Having no troubles with FB, Opera and other social accounts. What just bother me is the interface when booting up. Looks ugly. :) Anyways, the battery is more longer than bada 1.0 and 2.0 I was running radio and wi-fi in 12 hours from 90% going down to 60% I think it’s good.

  • kekekeke56

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