Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour now available to download from Google Play

Gameloft’s highly anticipated first-person shooter, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, is now available to download through Google Play after making its debut last Thursday on iOS. The new title marks the fourth installment in the studio’s Modern Combat franchise, which has undoubtedly become the Call of Duty of mobile.

Touting an all-new tactical movement system, Gameloft is declaring Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour “the most memorable action shooter ever.” Of course, the premise of the game hasn’t changed, remaining true to its terrorist-killing origins. What’s more is that the new game is the first from Gameloft powered by the powerful Havok Engine, which is said to produce “amazing ragdoll effects and the most realistic feeling vehicles ever.” Last but not least, the multiplayer mode has been completely overhauled, now offering over 20,000 different weapon arrangements and an all-new ranking system to keep track of your progress.

The game is available for $6.99 via the source link below. I just downloaded my copy. How about you?


Play Store Download Link

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