CM10 “Jelly Bean” Samsung Wave I (GT-S8500) & Wave II (GT-S8530) Alpha 0.1 Release



CM10 “Jelly Bean” for
Samsung Wave I (GT-S8500) & Wave II (GT-S8530)
Alpha 0.1 Release
“Seriously, Don’t Try To Sell This… You’ll Really, REALLY Regret It” Edition
This is develpoed by Rebellos

So once again it’s time. Introducing the first alpha development preview of CyanogenMod 10 (based on Jelly Bean) for the Samsung Wave.
This preview is intended only for developers as it is in a very early development stage and not all features of the device are fully working.



This firmware version BadaDroid – 0.1 (based on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and CyanogenMod 10 ).
What works in this version:
– Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, (Bluetooth only works on the S8500)
– Micro SD (memory card)
– Touchscreen (display)
– Music, sound and vibration
– HD games with the cache (for example GTA 3 and NFS MW )
– The main and front cameras (photo and video)
– The correct battery level
– Brightness adjustment
– Accelerometer and LED flash
– Recovery (creating and restoring backup firmware via ROM Manager) For the first time in this release (ported from SGS, especially for this Release)

– earned advanced settings

– support TVout

– mDNIe setting

– setting color display

– the camera button

– the button should work HOME

What does not work:

– Modem (calls, SMS, mobile internet)

– GPS, compass

– Microphone

– Lock Screen ( phone is switched off – the problem is only in 8530)

– Charge your phone on Android is still not recommended


Instruction updated per 0.06 release and newer! Do not use releases older than 0.06.
Bada 2.0 is required

  1. Enter Bada Settings->General->Memory and make sure you have at least:
    • 370MB of free “System” memory
    • 150MB of free “User” memory
    • 400MB of free “Applications” memory
  2. Download 3 packagesBOOTFILESarmlinux_boot and selected release for your device (please pay attention if it’s S8500 or S8530 BOOTFILES and FOTA you’re choosing!):
  3. Start Bada.
  4. Extract zImage from zip and copy it to the Bada’s User partition (the one about 390MB big).
  5. Copy whole .zip to the Bada’s User partition.
  6. Flash BOOTFILES and FOTA using Multiloader.
    If you have been already using my FOTA bootloaders, you don’t need to flash BOOTFILES.
  7. Reboot the phone holding Power and Call key.
    FOTA set of red messages should appear, after about 15seconds Badadroid logo shows up.
  8. Be patient, first bootup will keep unresponsible on Badadroid logo for up to 5 minutes.
  9. CWM Recovery starts, pick:
    – install zip from sdcard
    – choose zip from sdcard
    – cm-10-wave-<release id>.zip
    – Yes – install
  10. Reboot holding the Power key

You can remove installation .zip from the User partition from Android level by connecting through USB in MTP mode.
Do not remove zImage file and modem directory.
Normal bootup is available using Power+Call keys
CWM Recovery mode is available using Power+Volume Up keys
CWM Flashing does overwrite zImage. So every next update you can just flash .zip through CWM.

Follow the steps there:…&postcount=393 (thanks Volk204)

Oleg_k, mijoma, nbates66, anghelyi, Volk204, mikegapinski and many others.
Special thanks to chrmhoffmann for letting me kang his release description.



Patched firmware for the phone (for 8500 and 8530 on bada 2.0):

1) Download and Flash through Multiloader FOTA and BOOT files to your phone:

 FOTA 8500 and 8500 for the BOOT ;

FOTA for 8530 and 8530 to BOOT .

Download CM10 Rom:

119 thoughts on “CM10 “Jelly Bean” Samsung Wave I (GT-S8500) & Wave II (GT-S8530) Alpha 0.1 Release

    1. abou7mied

      yes he mean that you should copy whole .zip to your phone memory ( 390mb ) > restart your phone > holding EndCall+VolumeUp > install zip from sdcard > choose archive(.zip) > yes install

      i hope that i help you :)

      1. arven

        How come that when i press the power + Volume up, it is not giving me anything. it will just reboot. Even though i hold them for more than 5 minutes…

  1. catalin

    what’s the use of releasing these alphas?
    stay tunned for next to come:))))
    when did the developers passed alpha stage?

  2. shashank

    can we use this evn for a long time???? will therebe any battery problem lyk it was on the previous one?? i have a wave 2

  3. waves8500

    hi. dnt mean to b a dik but wots the point of all these alpha and beta releases is none of em have modem? yes i knw its alpha stage but lets face it android is never gonna be a succsess on waves so LOVE BADA
    P.S. cant wait for tizen software releases on the wave :))))))))))))

  4. fazal

    after installing i formated my memory card …now when i boot badadroid its not working …plz help help…it was working before formatting my memory card

  5. cheema

    i have installed this on wave 2 all things are working fine as they mentioned in this rom . i m happy to see android on wave on this stage .ok lets back to the point . but its not running fast like previous one .sometimes it hang so many times the processing is slow can u plz tell us Rebellos because u develpoed this rom . thanks i hope u will give answer this question .

        1. Saif

          download bootfiles and armlinux boot from above link. then flash fota. then try 0.1.

          note- u must need to flash fota 0.07 from the link to use the 0.1

  6. bada_wv2

    How I can run CWM Recovery after install android when i prees power+call he go to fota enabled and run android and i try all keys power+volume up and call+power.. he run bada help me???

  7. Gbreaker25

    I have partitioned my sdcard(8GB), so i choose 4096, but it only have a 3.5+Gb free space??

    and how can i return it to normal, coz I can’t figure out the procedure above on how to return it back. please help me. . .


    Are these the correct steps for wave 2
    2.extracted and copied the 3 files to my phone memory along with the .zip file.
    3.flashed bootfiles and fota using multiloader.
    now if i press CALL+END a fota red screen appears thats it no more progress.
    what to do..??

  9. fazal

    i have a 4 gb sd card ..but in the app manager its showing only 400 mb…plz help plz plz….if thers a way to partition it plz let me know the procedure …or will formating the sd card using recovery will work…?

  10. hardik

    it blacks out on pressing screen lock button and does not show anything . i hve to restart it plz tell me what to do about this??????????( i m using wave 2)

  11. bada_wv2

    i use wave 2 and i download and flash fota and bootfiles ok i copy zimage in to phone memory and copy the to sd card ok and start fota he still dosen’t show me the badaroid logo or star cwm and i try and try no thing… and i install and i delet zimage and and copy the zimage from to phone and copy to sd card and i start fota work fine and install work fun and i happy he works fine but wifi not work what i have to do?????? help me any one help plz..

  12. waves8500

    @fuckbada – exactly creating a modem is practically impossible so lets nt get happy becse without modem we are prety much left in the dark. until a modem is released i dnt fink ill be installing android anymore- av lost hpe :(

  13. ricky

    For developers. Please guys i am fed up using these unstable and phone risky android roms. It’s a sincere request please can anyone create a fully stable and working Android 4.0 or 4.1 or 4.2 rom with a fully stable and working zimage for samsung wave 2 GT-S8530. I’m ready to pay them about 1000 Rs or a bit more. If anyone is willing to do the job please contact me on this number 9049574808. Trust me about the money thing if i don’t pay i’ll hand u my wave 2.
    please developers i’m damn fed up using bada because of limited apps and games.

  14. Syam

    To developers : Please Please first think about Modem and then about stability.. Without these 2 things its not worth of giving a try of Android on Wave.. I tired of these Pre or Alpha..

  15. Shivam Anand

    What if our fw is not the turbo cfw one i mean; in my wave ii fw there is no partition as such in the phone memory so how can i copy the things in the specific folders in the phone memory?

    Or is it neccessary to have that turbo fw only ? :(

    please help

  16. Disappointed Bada User

    Really GREATTTT work guyz…hatzz off to the developers… Gud luck with getting the modem working….nd ThanX for This Update….

    1. USER

      thank you :) it was very helpful. i think this rom is still not very good and the most inportant thing is still not solved fro samsung wave 2. – The Lockscreen- cause maybe you want to use only android and the lock doesnt work -.-

  17. SamsungLover

    Allright, here you go again, pissing me off. Now, motherfucker, listen to me very carefully. AND I MEAN FUCKING CAREFULLY!! Ever heard about Samsung GT-S8000. Hmm?? No?? Well that was the phone the fucking awesome blackforest group ported the android to. That was way before the stupid ass wave porting.

    Now, here is the important part, you piece of shit! THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO HAVE THE 3G, CALL and CAMERA, WORKING EVER!!! IT has been like years and years and they have failed consistently. You understand that motherfucker!! ANDROID WILL NEVER WORK TOTALLY ON WAVE OR ANY OTHER FUCKING BADA PHONE!!! Then, why create a fuss bitch. Buy an low end android, it is 10 times better that the high end bada phone

    PS. I hate bada and android equally. Have used both thats why, So, no need to think i am an android lover. thats just google shit man.

    You all fucking stupid ass morons keep waiting foreever for android porting, where the devs will keep asking for donations and then have you ass fucked with the same money, with a half ass working android port. Y’all are dumbasses man. seriously. Go bite an apple, that is much better.

  18. gts8500

    believe it or not buh the guy above me^ is absolutely right!! those who are waiting fo full android are just gettin there hpes too high and the ppl who are donating…wel no offence buh ur thick as fuck theyl jus keep takin ur money and keep releasing alphas with MINOR tweaks each release e.g. lockscreen, no lags etc buh major work like moden IS NEVER GOING TO WORK!! the devs may be good buh cmon get real lads. i gt wave 1 and bada ok…wots sso bad bout it? jus missin a few apps buh if u really need android and ur on the verge of death den seriously sell ur wave (bout £40-50) add a feww more notes an get a decent android…ur wasting ur life waitin fo android on wave

  19. rithwiq

    pls fix the lock screen and ram in wave only getting 250mb of ram.i don’t mind those f@#king AHs above me.i appreciate u r work.
    all I want tht pls fix the ram and lockscreen.if somebody know how to partition my mmc to phone memoy and increase tht 390mb sd to a 2 or 4gb memory by sharing my mmc memory.pls help with tht.
    I installed ram expander but its not tht much usefull.

    1. SamsungLover

      oh ho ho!! looks like we have a fucking genius here with a goddamn iq of 180 or something. Well, you good for nothing moron, selll your wave and ur worthless brain, maybe then you can buy a second hand android phone, you fucking imbecile!

  20. fuck wave

    Haha suckers..u lot are never goin to get android on these shitty fones! Av gt wave 1 buh jus bought s1 too and let me tell u android rocks compared to this shit

  21. sMaRtBoY

    uffffffffffffffff how to rebooot????? N very very slow :( tempele run stucking skype stucked :( Is there any way to Fast ??? dis Version?

  22. Batman

    Everything works, wifi, sms, apps store, almost everything.. love it.. but love it more if the audio is working.. calling, skype, viber.. I will love it more. hope this will be fixed soon. no plans to switch on bada again. and before i forget, i would like to thank who made this possible.

  23. shushil

    can i turn on my wave 1 with both bada and JB os after installing JB os ?
    or is there another android os for dual boot possibility?
    and i’ve installed sashank’s bada 2 jvlc2 firmware for wave 1 and i’m not able to connect my cell with kies.
    has anyone some solution?

  24. Shekhar

    i am using this on S8530,internet through GPRS still not working , wasn’t able to create an APN on APN list,
    overall working fine calling is possible but no sound is there :( & SMS is working fine. .

  25. sonai

    after installing the android os from sd card when ever i am trying to reboot it is comming into the same screen… why is it happening

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