[ROM] [WIP] CM10 “Jelly Bean” v0.32 (New Version)


Hey guys here is the latest version of the Cm10.1 Android Jellybean by our xda-developers guys (Volk204 and Rebellos). This version is an update to the previous version v0.31. In this version there are more enhancements done in the modem and Bluetooth also.So do try this and report your experience.


Credits For Work

Volk204:  He has put in lots of effort to make the modem functional(Its not quite upto the mark but its getting there sooner).So he gets a great cheer for fixing the modem part which was the main problem for the past 2.5 years.

Rebellos:  He actually started off working alone on this project and wanted to bring android to bada devices.So hats off to him also for not giving up and bringing us android on our dead Samsung Waves.

And There are few others too: like Tigrouzen, Soxix, mijoma  and others who’s name are not mentioned here for making this project a success.


Changelog 0.32 Version

  • Incorrect LCD type detection in S8530 with HWREV 0x5 has been fixed. LCD should work on ~99% of Waves 2. (Thanks to Rebellos)
  • Bluetooth MAC is correct.
  • Modem directory moved to /data/radio (experimental patch)
  • RIL: Fixed handling SMSC number in national format
  • Corrections to the key mapping. Still to be polished. Call key as BACK, Middle as MENU, long press – recent apps, End Call as ENDCALL, long press show power off menu (fixed correct power off process), short press “Go to Home”(it is not real HOME key, but it revert to HOME screen in most of cases), lock as HOLD – only screen on/off (framework patch) http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/6…adroidv032.jpg
  • Upstream CM patches.


Bada 2.0 is required

  1. Enter Bada Settings->General->Memory and make sure you have at least:
    • 370MB of free “System” memory
    • 150MB of free “User” memory
    • 400MB of free “Applications” memory
  2. Download 3 packagesBOOTFILESarmlinux_boot and selected release for your device (please pay attention if it’s S8500 or S8530 BOOTFILES and FOTA you’re choosing!):
    Releases: http://goo.im/devs/Rebellos/wave
  3. Start Bada.
  4. Extract zImage from zip and copy it to the Bada’s User partition (the one about 390MB big).
  5. Copy whole .zip to the Bada’s User partition.
  6. Flash BOOTFILES and FOTA using Multiloader.
    If you have been already using my FOTA bootloaders, you don’t need to flash BOOTFILES.
  7. Reboot the phone holding Power and Call key.
    FOTA set of red messages should appear, after about 15seconds Badadroid logo shows up.
  8. Be patient, first bootup will keep unresponsible on Badadroid logo for up to 5 minutes.
  9. CWM Recovery starts, pick:
    – install zip from sdcard
    – choose zip from sdcard
    – cm-10-wave-<release id>.zip
    – Yes – install
  10. Reboot holding the Power key

You can remove installation .zip from the User partition from Android level by connecting through USB in MTP mode.
Do not remove zImage file and modem directory.

Normal bootup is available using Power+Call keys

Updating If You Are Already on Previous Version

  • CWM Recovery mode is available using Power+Volume Up keys
  • CWM Flashing does overwrite zImage. So every next update you can just flash .zip through CWM.


Follow the steps there: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show…&postcount=393 (thanks Volk204)

Oleg_k, mijoma, nbates66, anghelyi, Volk204, mikegapinski, hunktb, autra, Tigrouzen and many others.
Special thanks to chrmhoffmann for letting me kang his release description.


Download Link


190 thoughts on “[ROM] [WIP] CM10 “Jelly Bean” v0.32 (New Version)

  1. Beunhaas

    People please, have you been paying attention at all?? If it would work, you would have known already

  2. JaMaL

    microphone don’t works, can’t find network services.

    You can send and recieve SMS and Call. But still speaker & microphone not works.

    For application it’s just fine..

  3. pedro

    EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveryday i visit tizenhub.com , wishing to come the day that modem works, we are almost there … I really don’t want to spend money in a new mobile, iphone or S2 or S3, s8530 is a good mobile to be forgotten …

  4. rithwiq

    yeah me too..is the lock screen fixed in this version?for wave 2.??somebody pls reply.i have 308mb ram.is tht available in this zimage?

  5. ??? ?????

    What are the names of exactly which files must be copied to the phone and where are exact copies ?

  6. echt awa

    I think great work (y)
    but can you tell me now :
    every thing what doesnt work ?
    I dont want to know what work .. ! WHAT DOESN’T WORK ! ?:)
    pls answer :))
    your echt awa

  7. echt awa

    or tell me fast if it works
    what I need :)
    I need :
    Bloototh (or how it called 😉 )
    calling (my friends or so)
    play store

          1. Sospash

            thanks Gonner , this link work …

            Thank You :) … if you are an admin of this page, post your link in the top of the page, it is interesting

  8. ariefhand

    why i can not send sms to another? but i can receive incoming sms …. if anyone has the same problem as me???

    plss helppp guys ……..

  9. allanm

    [b]Most stable ROM for Wave II so far… Previous versions had lock screen issue with my Wave II but now that issue has been resolved …. Great work BoYz [/b]

  10. Ghayas

    Glad to see thatyou are taking care of bada os.
    Is tbere any good news to develope android for samsung wave3

  11. DP

    I have installed it successfully. But I am unable to boot to Android. I tried only power button, call button + power button , volume up + power . Nothing works for me . Please help !!

      1. DP

        This starts “CWM-Based Recovery” mode. Not android.
        Also I have partitioned my Sd card. It was 8 Gb , now its showing only 4 gb. How do I get back 8 gb ?

        1. Gonner

          I don’t know, but i think you didn’t follow the installation steps. Try to uninstall and reinstall :/

  12. DP

    I have followed an older method and installed Android on SD card. That time, I have partitioned my sd card to 4gb. Now I am unable to get it back. How do i get 8 gb back ? Could someone please help me

  13. ariefhand

    somebody hve problem with music plyer stop working???
    pls hlp……………………………….

  14. allanm

    Steps to install this ROM

    Download cm-10-wave-0.xx.zip and copy zImage file from it and put it on desktop

    1) Connect your fone in Mass storage mode.

    2) Copy cm-10-wave-0.xx.zip and zImage file to phone memory usually 370 – 390MB in size.

    3) Disconnect from mass storage. Turn off your device.

    4) Reboot the phone holding call receive + call end key for 5-10 seconds may be more but be patient.

    5) Wait till the recovery mode appears takes longer time for about 5 minutes( If it doesn’t flash your fone with bootfiles & FOTA)

    6) Once you are into recovery mode.

    Do the following. “Using volume rocker key to move up and down and menu button to select it”.

    a) Select install zip from sdcard

    b) Select choose zip from sdcard

    c) Select cm-10-wave-0.xx.zip and finally select yes and Install.

    7) Once the ROM is successfully installed reboot the phoone using power key. It will boot into bada later you need to turn off your device n turn it on using call receive + call end key.

    8) Welcome to Android world. :)


    Delete old files i.e zImage and .zip file both.

    Copy the new files and perform the steps above.

    Regards, Allan M

    1. 3tallah

      i flashed fota and bootfiles and then there is a page appear ( fota out put enabled )after i press call receive + call end key then there is no response what do you think ??? i reach step n 4 and then every thing stop by presence of this page i waited fo half an hour

    2. 3tallah

      i flashed fota and bootfiles and then there is a page appear ( fota out put enabled )after i press call receive + call end key then there is no response what do you think ??? i reach step n 4 and then every thing stop by presence of this page i waited for half an hour

  15. ??? ?????

    Dev Mhmad Adress This ROM wonderful and very, very, very successful and will enable Wave to compete with the iPhone and s3 , but after the completion of the ROM in terms of calls and the net through the card (access points) :)

  16. ??? ?????

    ** This ROM wonderful and very, very, very successful and will enable Wave to compete with the iPhone and s3 , but after the completion of the ROM in terms of calls and the net through the card (access points) :)

  17. ritzzz

    Please do something for the RAM of wave 2 ..it have just 250 mb & it is uses 200mb …Therefore, I cant play small games,& Even our Fav. Temple run 1 & 2……Etc…
    Thank you…Please Get some solution!!!!

  18. ??? ?????

    You are very developers are creative and we are sure that you will be able to develop this system in a full and wonderful you end the basic stuff (full modem with voice calls)

  19. A July

    Hey fellow bada users I would like to make a small request. Could any of you point me to the latest bada2.0 firmware INU i.e Indian version for S8530 i.e. Wave II? I have been searching for it all over google but all available links are dead. So if anyone of you could point me to a link I would be very grateful. Thanks for your time.

  20. user

    Isnt there other Rom With Moore RAM? This one laggs Too much. I cant do an thing in this. Of course it is nice you guys still Wirkung on it. But PLEASE make a New Rom for wave 2. something linke Tsunami Ort FnF. I have waiting for 1 year, hoping you guys do a nice Rom for wave 2. Soooo PLEASE do it. THANKs a LoT

  21. ariefhand

    —bluetooth not work perfectly in my wave (Wave 2 Indonesia) …
    —not all carriers sim card can be used for sms (send / receive) …

    I experienced it …

    nice job dev,
    hopes, all fullyworking for the future … thanks guys;)

    sry for my bad englsh…

  22. Ravi

    Nyc work,
    There are some issues with battery percentage. It works fine only first 15 or 20 minutes.
    And when the battery becomes low than 20 percent, phone becomes very laggy
    Sometimes notification bar hangs and doesnt comes down, still shows the recent notifications,
    and in gallery, touching any album does not opens it but selects it.
    Pressing the lock button again and again hangs the phone.
    And tv out animation when locking the screen works very rarely.

    1. Ravi

      and want to add that bluetooth is not working. My device is Wave 2(India)
      and the calls are going and coming, sms are being recieved.

        1. marky

          I put the Zimage that comes in this version, i try the “zImage_0.31_S8530_fix” (renamed to Zimage), but nothing changes , still doesn’t working :( … Theres another way, another file due the LCD type ?

    1. kktkaran

      and android is much smoother with this zimage,
      u can play games like real racing 3 too with this zimage

      don’t forget to install video patch fix via recovery mode

    2. marky

      i replaced the Zimage but nothing changed , still doesn’t working, thanks anyway :(

      ps .: Using 0.32 version , Android bootup, but no ToucH Screen : (

  23. shubh

    plzzzz help me i want root my wave gt s 5253 to android …..it preasently has bada 1.1 and i dont really like it….plez help me …..:(


  24. XAade

    i can not install apps on my real SD card whereas it shows my phone memory as SD card ,can anybody tell me what is the reason behind this. . ?

  25. Marky

    I downloaded the Jelly Bean” v0.32.zip , and placed inside the internal memory.
    – Put the zImage file in the internal memory too
    – In recovery mode I install the v0.32.zip and reboot the cellphone
    – The mobile starts, load the Badroid Image, the Cyonogem GIF, and then the system start

    – After 1 minute, the screen lock itself and I can’t do anything , but press the lock screen buttom :(

    I tried the others zImage , but nothing :(

    Is it need to partiton ? put another archive in ?

    please help me !

  26. PRASAD

    I copied the zimage and the cm-10 zar file on to my user partition of the bada. Later i flashed the boot files and fota using the multiloader. And as it is mentiones, when i m trying to reboot by pressing call button and power button, it is showing

    –BL3 Dload Mode & bTerm–

    Please guide to rectify this error…

    We will be very thankfull to you if u can give us an video showing the entire process..

    Thank yOU,

      1. PRASAD

        i downloaded that zimage from someother site directly and copied onto the phone memory which is abt 390 mb in size…partition root means?can u pls eloborate?

        Pls dont mind, i m nt much rooted with all this technology.oncider me an amateur and pls explain

      2. PRASAD

        I am waiting for ur reply … pls do expalin us in detail…or is there any other way to reach u or talk to u?

  27. Ashik

    Everything Except the mic and Earspeaker is ok!!
    please fix the mic and Earspeaker, so that i can make calls too!!!
    Messaging all are fine in my S8500

  28. rithwiq

    hey kktkaran why dont u patch 308mb ram zimage with this?i dont know how to patch.thts why im asking you to do.

  29. XAade

    well I can not install heavy apps More than 10MB , otherwise the phone starts hanging, is there any way to utilize full 512MB of RAM in s8500?

  30. LSD X

    I’m using HeroTurko Firmware’s , theres any problem using this archives too ?
    It just runs in bada original firmware ?

  31. XAade

    Subway Surfers is not running on my device ? what should i do ? it just open and closes automatically. . . . .

  32. XAade

    Subway Surfers is not running on my device ? what should i do ? it just opens and closes automatically. . . . .

  33. geetha krishna

    bro im gts 8530 user i flashed fota files using multiloader…copied zimage to system partition but when i press call and power button cwm is nt wrking…pls gv reply…does it need to be rooted..if yes how?pls reply

  34. XAade

    android was working perfectly on my wave s8500 but today when i tried to boot up my android it hanged on the fota screen after saying booting from kernel , it usually starts after displaying this last message but it is not starting anymore it always gets hanged , i ever re flashed the boot and fota filed but still the same problem occurs , please help me!!!!
    i would be really thankful ….

  35. mehul

    i have ported android on my wave 2 its working nice but when we dial a number no sound is coming of the other person is there any solution

  36. PRASAD

    Dear Developers,

    I have done everything and installed the cm 10 file from sd card and later it has shown that the installition is completed. But, when i am tring to reboot again by pressing Power and Call Keys, it is showing that “FOTA OUTPUT ENABLED”
    –BL3 Dload Mode & bTerm–

    Please help…? But it is showing everything as it was in CMW recovery in Recovery mode….

    1. Elania (Brasil)

      Also had a problem. Then reinstalled the Rom bada (turko v.10). After just installed the zImage (6:24) and continued the installation in accordance with the post Allam – may9, 2013 at 12:00.
      And the amazing thing is that without the card installed (forgot to put in place) and the Android Rom installed, do not know where, funcinou perfectly.

      If in case, when you install fota and restart it with a kitten in place bada, you take the battery, and reinstall the battery but it has to tighten Mode Dowload fast but the kitten back, and then install the new ROM Bada, but is lifetime in the kitty.
      I hope I have been able to help.
      PS.: Utizando google translator, so I hope you can understand.

    2. Elania (Brasil)

      His response is below, entered the post wrong, I do not know what happened:
      Saad – May 24, 2013 at 8:34 pm

  37. Vara

    Hey guys,

    It has shown that the installation completed from sd card but it is not booting with android when re started pressing power on and call accept keys at a time.

  38. John

    after I installed this rom on wave 2 I tried to boot bada 2.0 but it get stuck on the sim loading I waited but nothing..
    what is the solve ???

  39. TheBadGuy

    With the modem not working, whats the use of this stupid firmware. If someone keeps a smartphone, but has to keep a different phone for calling, what the fuck is that useful for anyways?? Why not get a low end android phone instead?

    And as far as I know, the blackforest guys could not get the modem working on their Samsung Jet, what makes you think that this shit will be in working condition. Not to mention the fact that some Wave CPU’s were blown to shit after some people tried to flash their shitty phones.

    The truth:

    1)This shit is very risky.

    2)Android is no doubt very cool, but you sure you wanna waste your phone with a half-ass working port, with no modem.

    3)Are low end android phones so costly that people who spent so much on samsung wave cannot buy it?

    4)The build of samsung wave is very sexy, but is this stupid half -ass working port with so much unstability worth wasting our beloved wave?

    Damn, its better to buy a full-fledged android phone than wasting time over this shit. But, the porters have done a great job so far. Hats off to you guys. Keep it up. And if this modem shit, along with the stability is fixed, I myself will flash my wave and donate a fucking amount of money to these brainy guys. 😀

    1. qwer

      You criticized the developers’ efforts on doing this port at the beginning of your post, then you said at the end of your post that you’ll flash your wave when the modem is fixed.

      You see, this ‘STUPID’ firmware you were talking about is NOT STUPID AT ALL. The developers released this firmware so that they can get feedback from people who tested it. Well it sure is risky, but it all depends if you try it or not. Remember, no one is forcing you to port this firmware on your Samsung Wave. And when you said HALF-ASSED WORKING PORT, did you ever think that the developers are doing everything they can to make this firmware stable? The fact that ANDROID was able to run on Samsung Wave shows that making the modem fully functional is POSSIBLE. It will take time of course to do it.

  40. Eman

    OMG this rom is so great, i just installed it. it’s flawless even its a half-ass working. thanks very much guys. these developers are the best. just a matter of time to get modem works so we can net everywhere. thanks

  41. kkselvarasu

    wifi, bluetooth are working fine and network connecting , outgoing & incoming calls are ringing but there is no voice .

  42. Adrian

    hey guys
    after I installed badadroid
    can I delete the zip file from the phone memoy or not ???

    please reply

  43. remo

    I installed CM10 jelly bean using wave2 kernal 183 MB used 113MB free total ram 296MB !! & i installed android 4.1.2 ..
    data is already enabled internet is not working…
    when i opening camera it’s says ” unfortunatly gallery has stopped”
    & i didn’t hear voice calls pls quick help..


    i followed all the installation steps and im CWM Mode it says “Installation done” but when I want to reboot in Badadroid, I always end up in CWM…

    is there anything more to do after installing and rebooting?

    I would really love to use badadroid so it would be very nice if anybody could help me.
    Thanks a lot.

  45. evilchocopie

    I can’t download this file, this host is shit, i want download and install for Wave S8530, please help me, show me tutorial step by step, thks

  46. Binda

    i followed all the installation steps and im CWM Mode it says “Installation done” but when I want to reboot in Badadroid, I always end up in CWM…

    is there anything more to do after installing and rebooting?

    I would really love to use badadroid so it would be very nice if anybody could help me.
    Thanks a lot.

  47. Gbreaker

    Any Update??

    I hope in the next update, modems, sms/call speaker and specially the mic will work. . =))

    More Power!!

  48. Arvind

    does any one know is this ROM allows GPRS/Internet via SIM card because I am not able to add Access Point in it and can’t find a solution to use phone’s GPRS…..

    Your reply will be appreciated!!

  49. Verma

    Still the Same Problem Guys.
    Modem Dosnt work:————


    No Calls No Msgs.

    Please Developers do something for WAVE Usre Specially for S8530.

    Plz make works gys..

  50. mehul

    hey guys pls help me out
    pls upload the the full android folder on the phone memory as i hv lost the data in it
    because of which my android is not working not even uninstalling
    guuys pls help me to get out of this problem
    i m unable to boot the phone into recovery mode

  51. Lurtz

    It’s been 3 months already :( will i live long enough to see my grandchildren installed Jelly Bean on their Samsung Wave 😀 :((((( !!!

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