Wave Remaker v0. – A Tool To Change GUI


This image is not of v0. this is for illustration


As we know there are many Developer Tools for Changing the Samsung wave’s GUI and make it something really out of this world.One of those tools is Wave Remaker.This tool is developed by holod  and using this tool francky37 has done some changes and now you can change images inside the RBM files and change the whole UI of the Samsung Wave.

Many thanks to holod for providing us the sources of Wave_Remaker.


francky37 added some functionnalities, in particular
– the possibility to modify RBM files (RBM file is automatically saved)
– extraction and conversion as PNG of all images in RBM files
– two additional compression formats for QMG

Complete History from :
Added : Browse/Edit directories and files (extension must be associated with at least 1 application)
Added : Extraction and conversion as PNG of all images in RBM
Added : Export all language as CSV (separator are semicolon or tabulation)
Added : Import (Add or Replace) language as CSV
Added : test inconsistencies of RC2 file
Added : All image files inRC2 files are now extracted
Added : RC2 can be open by Drag&Drop also on “FW view” and even if another RC2 is already opened
Fixed : RC2 saving is fixed
Added : if Dump exists, SMT is included by Drag&Drop, if not SMT is opened (in second view, smt always be opened)
Added : if Dump exists, RBM is included by Drag&Drop if not RBM can now be directly opened
Added : some integrity tests added on RC2/CSC/PFS/APP/FFS files
Added : gray background to display white QMG
Added : compressed size of QMG displayed in tooltip
Added : a Dump can be opened by simply Drag&Droping a directory in both view
Added : run through images in RBM with KeyUp/KeyDown
Added : QMG can now be opened directly by Drag&Drop, button “QMG view” in ‘utils’ tab is now obsolete
Added : Visualization of QMG method 3 / mode 65 + mode 137
Added : Image in RBM can now be replaced


Download The Latest Version Of Wave Remaker v0.

Download From Dropbox

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