Turko CFW v10.1 | S4 Style : S8500,S8530,S8600 (Updated v10.1 with Bug Fixes )

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This Firmware for Samsung wave has been developed by Hero355 and Frager so hats off to them for creating such a beautiful firmware based on Samsung Galaxy S4 for Samsung wave devices.

Turko v10 CFW, an integrated version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 tried to update the interface.
Look, sounds, text fonts, and some animations, changed the extent permitted by Bada.
Note: After you install Please increase system volume,sound of the ringing tone to maximum from settings.

?Wave S8600 has not been tested, if you have problem please tell me.

?You can see the preview pictures with a lot of changes.

Fixed Issues:
? bada 2.0 is one of the worst problems, chills trendsetting message arrives for a long time the problem was solved.
Vibration time 1 seconds in the message, as amended. .
?Incoming Call standardization lock is automatically activated.(previously it bugged on V9)
?Corrected on S8500 that shows S8530.
? Each key unlocking feature has been disabled.
?Original bootscreen integrated.
?Fully badadroid supported,(no need to flash Fota or bootfiles for it,its already included)
?Changed Touch tones as S4 stlye (first time)

?Bugs the same as V9 You can see it from its thread

Full features and V9 Thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=2159290

Note: When installing firmware,remove memory card and the SIM card,because it can make phone to work slow.
After you install the firmware, Backup your memory card and Hard format phone to get best performance

Turko CFW v10.1 Download Links

GT-S8500 WAVE Türko CFW v10.1 

GT-S8530 WAVE Türko CFW v10.1 

GT-S8600 WAVE Türko CFW v10.1 

Turko S4 Theme 
Multiloader 5.65 
Multiloader 5.67 

Usb Cable Driver 


This release is fix for v10.You need to redownload firmware and full flash,

  • Added more CSC’s with Languagues,and Preconfigurations
  • Arabic and Asian used members,Please use Rsrc Black and Black_Keyboard&Emoticons.pfs.
  • Some minor bug fixed
  • S8600 restart problems fixed
  • Touch,Lock,Unlock etc sounds like S4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE1Ij-IPRlo

Any other bug you tell me.

Edit : I forgot to include extras in S8530,So download it from here

Link http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/88099987/file.html

Edit 2 : For fixing Alarm sound issue download below for your model,Flash it and then do hard reset (If you don’t make hard reset,It’ll not work)

S8500_S8530 : http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/96117388/file.html

S8600 : http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/75913505/file.html

Edit 3 : For fixing on S8600 CSC V2 deleting messages, restart bug fix,Download below flash it

Link : https://hotfile.com/dl/225735255/c54…1_new.csc.html


CSC PreConfiguration Files:

CSC Preconfiguration files in this CFW S8500 & S8530


  • Languages: Azerbaijani ,English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish ,Finnish ,Danish ,Hungarian, Czech ,Slovakian ,Irish, Korean, Russian


  • Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Irish


  • Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Ukranian, Romanian, Kazak, AzerbaijaniTurkish, Georgian


  • Languages: English, Slovenian, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Russian, Estonian, Latvian


  • Languages: English,Arabic, Korean, Farsi, Urdu, French


  • Languages: English_Philippines, Indonesian ,Vietnamese ,Thai ,Chinese(S) ,Malay ,Korean
CSC Preconfiguration files in this CFW S8600 :CSC_V1_S8600_TurkoCFW_Hero355.csc:
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Irish

Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Ukranian, Romanian, Kazak, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Georgian


Wave 3 Market and Extra apps !!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wave 3 store:

With flash this file,you can go Wave 3 store,and download Wave 3 apps,themes and etc, which isn’t on S8500&S8530 store
You need to download and flash apps_compressed as compatible with your phone
You won’t lose data

Wave 3 store for GT-S8500 WAVE : http://www.share.az/tcgblheqvqro/app…ro355.bin.html

Wave 3 store for GT-S8530 WAVE 2 http://www.share.az/rb0ghl29z1f4/app…ro355.bin.html

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Extra apps:

If you want Caster,SevenIM or Polaris office you need to download below for your phone model and flash all one by one

GT-S8500 WAVE – Caster : http://www.share.az/fz12fd6b0gkm/Caster_S8500.app.html

GT-S8530 WAVE 2 – Caster : http://www.share.az/h5x095u357wu/Caster_S8530.app.html

GT-S8600 WAVE 3 – Caster : http://www.share.az/061y83bpezak/Caster_S8600.app.html

GT-S8500 WAVE – SevenIM : http://www.share.az/52kjd7mmd6wy/SevenIM_S8500.app.html

GT-S8530 WAVE 2 – SevenIM : http://www.share.az/km4a86p5nlid/SevenIM_S8530.app.html

GT-S8600 WAVE 3 – SevenIM : http://www.share.az/ntc9yscxxur3/SevenIM_S8600.app.html

GT-S8500 WAVE & GT-S8530 WAVE 2 – Polaris Office : http://www.share.az/b3bwloytqkiu/Shp…ro355.app.html

GT-S8600 WAVE 3 – Polaris Office : http://www.share.az/eczy9qpbe3fh/Shp…S8600.app.html

First flash “ShpApp_HD_Office_S8600.app” file and open twice Polaris office on your phone.First time it’ll work,Second it must be crash.Then download repair file below and flash.I’ll work fully

GT-S8600 WAVE 3 – Polaris Office Repair : http://www.share.az/4og0rinj654v/Shp…epair.app.html


  • Backup your files
  • Take out SIM and SD card
  • Go to download mode with these combinations
    Call end + Vol down + Lock(Camera) for S8500/S8530
    Volume Down + Menu + Power for S8600
  • Connect USB to PC
  • Open Multiloader 5.65 or 5.67(S8600 must be 5.67) and Follow picture
  • Port Search and Download

S8500 – S8530 




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  • bhavesh

    1) do whats app is working ??
    2) do android games can be running?

    • pedro

      1) I don’t know, but i WISH, nobody answer this question ( i don’t know why(
      2) Yes, android games running very well ( due Zimage you choosen )

      • immi7

        @pedro: how can i run android apps on it??

      • ravi

        how can i run android games..?? in wave 3…..?? plzz help..

    • neeraj


      it is just modified version of bada,whatsapp is not made for bada

  • mostafa nagy

    what about arabic in csc in s8600 ??
    pllllllz some one replay to me

    • neeraj

      it is there

  • lucas

    hi. how to run android games ?

    • pedro

      use badroid , tutorial is avaible in this site

      • Na

        You can guide details

  • al3ko

    How to flash wave 3 store?
    please leave an image

    • al3ko

      I no longer need

  • wallyferrer

    mr. hero355 and frager, no more question, no request, and no comment… may i say this a very good job and good work more power of you guys, god bless!!! i thank you.

  • Wave3xD


    Android Games run wave 3 CFW Turko? Please instruction…

  • besnik

    Download Start Ch[0]
    BootLoader 1703.9KB OK[0.7s]
    Error : Dbl Write [0.3s]

    and on the Phone show this message :


    Upgrade Only.

    please some one help. please

  • Ahmed

    I have Wave II, internet dosent work in app store. and phone restart when i open the navigation.

  • http://badahub.com nic ventura

    wifi doesn’t work in wave2.. it says authentification failed.. How to install android games on the cfw turko v10.. anyone help??

  • islam abdel wahab

    i want subtitle in video player to work in arabic heeeeeelp plz

    • mostafa nagy

      ??? ??????? ??? ??? ?? ????? ?

    • mostafa nagy

      enta bts5dm mobile auh ya islam

      • islam abdel wahab

        wave 1 s8500

        • mostafa nagy

          al arabe mawgod le wave 1
          ana wave 3 msh mawgod

  • http://badahub.com Badafuck

    Is there someone helpnig..

  • siremallova

    hero355 and frager one word! GENIUS.. vivid firmware! thank you!

  • heikal

    - social hub not working Facebook and twitter
    - GPS navigation restart

  • heikal

    - 8530 wave ii
    - social hub not working Facebook and twitter – SocialHub premium Not Activated
    - GPS navigation restart

  • mojtabalife

    Very Beautiful !!
    Excellent Speed
    Badadroid Supported

    Navigation Restart!
    SocialHub Not Activated (Facebook)

  • wave2

    same problems here: Navigation Restart!
    SocialHub Not Activated (Facebook)

  • Nick

    It’s a great firmware. You did a great job. Thank you very much.

    But may I ask you something, “Could you please add Thai language for S8600?”

    Thank you.

  • khaled

    what about arabic in csc in s8600 ??
    pllllllz some one replay to me

  • khaled

    i have samsung wave 3 s-8600 and i want csc arabic pleas

  • http://badahub.com Badafuck

    Crap as always.. Wifi don’t work.. navigation don’t work.. facebook ..lolz.. fuck u the man who post this shit.. You said it support badadroid well.. when call and navigation don’t work on waves model.. you say in turko cfw v10.1 all bug has been fixed when still having some bugs.. Those who want to download this.. read this comment before you do it.. don’t download a cfw which things which important doesn’t work and when no one is here to help you.. stay with you old crappy bada software and wait till to 3000 to get android to your phone.lolz hahahahahahahhahahahah

  • http://badahub.com Badafuck

    last thing change you phone plz.. i have an s3 and i’m going to look for amazing android things..ccept the idea that you will never run android smoothly on your waves phone..never..

  • bhavesh

    where is fota file i download full but m not able to find out fota file so m not able to upgrade

  • awid

    at least he is doing something good, don’t say bad things

  • http://maillotdefoot.lunette-desoleil.fr/ maillot de foot

    Thanks designed for sharing such a fastidious thinking, article is fastidious, thats why i have read it entirely

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  • khaled

    (i have samsung wave 3 s-8600 and i want csc arabic pleas)

  • khaled

    -i have samsung wave 3 s-8600 and i want csc arabic pleas-

    • samsung wave 3

      hi I own a Wave 3 S8600 (in France) and you’ll unlock it my operators? orange? or block mode turko?
      I want to know if someone has already done this crack aperture setting turko s4?
      everything is working: wifi?
        no problem bug!
          and there like what store? samsung apps? play store? marcket android?
      you can download games for android? APK or is tjr BADA OS file?

  • khaled

    `i have samsung wave 3 s-8600 and i want csc arabic pleas`

  • khaled

    =i have samsung wave 3 s-8600 and i want csc arabic pleas-

  • Cristian

    Excellent contribution, as always! I hope you can fix the bug of facebook. Thank you very much!

  • ???? ??????

    GPS navigation restart

  • Ntihin

    I downloaded this and its experience was gr8. .. after a long time the phone looks good and polished…can i play android games through this rom..pls guide me on this..if so what should i do to install it in my mobile..my model is 8600.. :) Keep upgrading this gr8 work..hats off…

  • ach raf

    hi thnx alot for improving bada ,,, i ll be very thankfull if u reupload the bada sspoofing software because the old link is no more working

  • ahczl12000

    very good job
    many thanks hero and frager

  • Peter910

    anyone tried Wave 3?
    does all the function work? and what about android apps?

  • Mubashshir

    It’s a very good work, with minor bugs. Thanks for such a good gift.
    I have found a very strange bug in alarm. When I set a alarm for 5:00 am its ringing at 5:45am instead of 5:00am, while the other time alarms are ringing on time say for 8:00 am it rings at 8:00 i.e. on correct time. DId anybody else also found such thing in their phone.

    Note – I have already used alarm fix and and then did the hard reset also.
    By the way thanks for such a nice work, keep doing it :)

  • Pucu

    How I can flash extra apps (i have wave 3 and I want polaris back)?

  • micu

    i have wave 3 and this firmware dont work. after install the phone is rebooting over and over again

  • eggyXD

    Hey sir HERO! uhm… there’s a small problem with the keyboard! it’s not qwerty! Y key is exchanged with the Z key. so it’s qwertz! please give us a fix for this :((


    i have samsung wave 3 s-8600 and i want csc arabic pleas


    i have samsung wave 3 s-8600 and i want csc arabic pleas


    ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????? ????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ????? ?? ??? ???????
    ????? ????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ????

  • thefantom

    haaaaay any body help i have bro with alarm sound is to low and i used alarm fixed no any changes plse heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

  • Ivan

    Hey guys, how to fix the problem of the navigator that restart the phone? Thank you so much!

  • raju
  • Rufus

    Working great.

    Spoofing apps is not working for me can any help me by providing the link of any new method of spoof which is working in this Firmware.

    Thanks in advance.

  • sachin b

    I want Whatsapp in samsung wave 3 s8600


  • Ankit Gandhi

    Cant even begin to tell you how much this version sucks. Trust me everyone. Dont download this. It was all a waste of time. I have been trying since yesterday to log in my samsung apps using my phone. It always shows password and email combination incorrect.

    I have tried every single thing. Trust me. Even changed the password and logged in using my computer. There its working fine. But in my phone its all fucked up.

  • Ankit Gandhi

    Hey, i am really sorry for last comment. It was my mistake. This version is working just fine.

  • khaled elsharif

    what about the Arabic lounge in wave3 s8600 im in Egypt and i want read and right Arabic on my mobile

  • adytzu79

    I have a problem with blocking calls, when I choose a contact phone restarts.
    can do something about it?
    we S8530
    please help
    Thank you for all the effort the owners of romania

    • maher

      I have same problem, phone restart on add contact in block call option
      any solution ?

  • adytzu79

    still not solved bug in rejecting calls automatically restarts beseech phone to solve this problem we need it
    otherwise ok. longer locks the screen sometimes ecranu enter edit mode but rarely.
    an excellent job
    Thanks to all the users in Romania

    again please solve with automatic call reject

  • rino

    why can’t i choose wifi to access samsung store always gave me packet data there’s no wifi also the same for viber ican’t access it via wifi helpppp

  • maher

    phone restart on add contact in call block option
    any solution ?

  • rino

    navigation keep restrating & why there’s no wifi option for applications

  • YoK

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/itywgj3dmazxngw/CFW_10.1_S4Style_S8600_Thai.rar <— This firmware i modified to Asia language and keyboard (Only Thai and English language and keyboard) I don't why go to setting in menu phone(wave3) restarted. Pleased helps me. Another thai people waits for this firmware wave3 CFW 10.1S4Style thai .

  • samsung wave 3

    hi I own a Wave 3 S8600 (in France) and you’ll unlock it my operators? orange? or block mode turko?
    I want to know if someone has already done this crack aperture setting turko s4?
    everything is working: wifi?
      no problem bug!
        and there like what store? samsung apps? play store? marcket android?
    you can download games for android? APK or is tjr BADA OS file?

  • rinlovehar

    i had a problem!!! Wifi in this Filmware is sometimes very glimmering

  • Joyce Aiman

    can it play both android and bada apps?

  • ziada

    a7a i want arabic to my wave 3

    or the original os

  • Talal

    Please Wave 1 Link is NOT working. Please post another link.
    Thank you all Shashank, Hero355 and Frager. ^_^

  • Esmail

    Search and navigation not working, and can we spoof with it ? ( sorry for my english )

  • Jamal

    Please reply me :)

    How to change the custom sound for touch sound and lock/unlock sound?
    Is it works using multiloader or stune? or other software? help me..

    Many years I want to find tutorial or other way how to change it but I can’t find how to make it.

    Please, need your help here…

  • Jamal

    I’ve problem, when I type message it look lagging. When I speed typing then the words will slow appeared. how can I fix it?

  • Jose Alberto

    Thanks very much. Nice job.

  • fabry

    i’ve installed S4 style 10.1 on my Wave 3 and work fine … but … facebook pages on internet working bad… all other sites working fine … is there a bug fix for it? can i install facebook app for android on my wave 3?


  • yhassane

    The Alarmfix does not solve the problem of alarm in sleep mode

  • bas69

    tnx dear
    but csc not see for arabic and persian
    please create scs and black keboard for wave III

  • Issam Bourouba

    Hello hero, i just flashed my Wave II with this firmware, but i don’t know why when listening to music, after a certain time (ramdom) the phone just shuts down, and can’t turn it on again only after removing the battery and putting it again .

    and i had this problem with every bada 2.0 firmware i’ve installed (the exception being the amazing Turko CFW v8)

    can you tell me if this is a bug related to bada 2.0 in general or a problem on my phone please.

    thanks, big fan of your work

  • persia

    hi hero
    tnx for rom
    in waveI csc arabic for persian lng true but wave III not csc arabic
    i want you creat csc for wave very very tnx

  • Jorge Ramirez

    Hi, install the room perfectly, but when I insert the sim card charging, tells me to put in coctato service provider, but the sim card is good, because I provided in another phone and it works … I expect an answer helpful, Thanks

  • MovingTombstone

    can anyone please re-upload the theme elsewhere i can’t download it invalid link something like that, Thanks.

  • Amine Madrilène

    please re upload links are down ( hot file is not working )quick !!!!

  • Amine Madrilène

    please re upload links quickly thank you guys

  • Ammar_0027

    try to make an bada os which can execute (apk) files so we can run andorid apps in bada.. plzzzzzzzzzz

  • salahaddin

    thank u for your help,can you add Arabic, Persian(Farsi )language please