TUT How to install Android 4.3 on Samsung WAVE and Review


All Credit for making this Tutorial Goes To: Jovan97

This new tutorial for new 4.3 ROM.By watching this tutorial you will be able to install Badadroid on Samsung Wave S8500 as shown in the video but S8530 users can also take advantage of this video and can install Badadroid correctly on their phone, but we are not sure about Wave 2 (S8530) that this tutorial would work or not.

Installation Tutorial:

This ROM works perfectly on our Samsung Wave and it has almost every useful everyday feature that can be used by a normal user and almost all bugs are removed so you can use this ROM in your daily life and ,i give and review for ROM.


138 thoughts on “TUT How to install Android 4.3 on Samsung WAVE and Review

      1. Prabesh Csk

        jov97 while flashing fota in wave 2 through multiloader it shows err fota erase after clicking download wat to do bro..?
        i have already installed CM10.1 Badadroid v1.3 cyanogen

        1. Martin

          i have the same trouble.II try to install AOSP 4.3 on S8530 . I wont
          to flsah fota sd for s8530 but it say err fota. I thik it is no posible
          to instal this rom on s8530. Neeeed fota sd for s8530 :(

          1. Marco Roello

            few questions:

            1) Could anyone clarify if AOSP 4.3 works or not with GT-S8530?
            2) If yes, what are the different files that we need to upload?
            (armlinux_boot_S8530NELH2.fota for example)
            3) BOOTFILES_S8530NELH2 do we need to upload it?

            Thanks in advance


  1. Sepehr Mobayen

    I had install the CM10.1 Badadroid v1.3 and now i have it on my phone. so how can i uninstall it and install this version?

    and did anyone test this version on wave 2?

  2. Shyam

    Just one clarification.. I read somewhere that mobile data (3G/2G internet pack) doesn’t work. How are the users adapting to it? Apart from wifi? I need mobile data to check mails etc.. So is this rom recommended for me? Someone pls advise.

    Thanks in advance:)

        1. shyam


      1. Guest

        I had sema problem Billy! (i use SD rom) lokk here:

        MD5 ..mismatch!

        also this:

        can’t mount /cache/recovery/command

        can’t mount /cache/recovery/log

        can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log

        can’t? mount /system checking

        can’t do? nothing!

        i flashed clean bada.

        formatted sd tryed everything!

        can some one help us please?

          1. vaibhav

            for me boot restore was complete..but while restoring system it gave me an error as mentioned below..

            E:format volume:make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk1p3

            error while formating/ system!

          2. Peppe Pascale

            no sir. it’s not corrupted.

            after flashing FOTA i have those problems.

            searching around forums it seem a semi-brick problem and i can’t find a easy way to fix it (its too much for me, dont know hao to use odin or else).

            i also tryed to change fota version, zimage, follow other guide to old android version, changed last official bada with turko 10 but nothing changed!

            really tired of waiting for 3 years and fight against this complications that steal me such a lot of time :(

            I’m thining to GIVE UP and sell my phone.

      1. billy

        Allright. Let me explain. I flashed a clean bada install. The s4 turko v8. Then I copied the zimage on the phone memory. Then flashed fota. And then when It restarts, it gives the above erro-“file not found”. Is there any other file I need to copy in the phone memory or something. Or is there any other step I forgot?

          1. billy

            Ok. Every step went fine and i am in the clockwork mode now(hurrey!). Bt now when i try to restore from the clockwork mode folder it gives me md5 mismatch error. I ve recopied the folder too. still its giving it.

          2. Peppe Pascale

            I had the same problem Billy!

            followed the TUT guide with SD rom and look here:

            MD5 ..mismatch!

            also this:

            can’t mount /cache/recovery/command

            can’t mount /cache/recovery/log

            can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log

            can’t? mount /system checking

            can’t do? nothing!

            i flashed clean bada.

            formatted sd, tryed everything!

            can some one help us please???!!!

      1. Peppe Pascale

        Thanks but, when i install the rom i dont have google apps! i must install gapps or i did something wrong maybe

  3. Kamran

    You guys did a great job. Thanks for all developers. But my phone still has lags very much. I dont know why, maybe I need to clean bada completely or buy a bigger-sized SD card.

          1. Kamran Hesen

            So where is the difference? You say the nand version can have a better performance than SD?

  4. Anchy

    Hej Jovane, jel radi skype i viber ako ubacim ovaj sistem i da li mi se brisu svi podaci iz telefona (mislim na kontakte i aplikacije koje su instalirane na badi?) Unapred hvala!!

    1. Jovan97

      Naravno da radi skype i viber,samo sto ces morati da koristis wifi da bi dobila internet….samo prebaci sve kontakte na SIM,a sto se tice podataka(slike,pesme,poruke)to se brise…..

      1. Anchy

        jel to znaci da nemam posle badu uopste? Sve sam skinula sa ovih linkova ispod tvoj tutorijala, I sta da stavim SD ili NAND? Tvoja preporuka? Meni je ustvari najveci problem navigacija, jer sam jedva podesila da imam i sad ne znam da li cu imati ako ubacim android..
        Inace hvala na odgovoru

        1. Jovan97

          pa to ce se izbrisati(navigacija)…Ali mozes da koristis kies kako bi napravila backup….Ako hoces da ti bada ostane koristi SD(ali mora da imas microSD karticu od 4 ili 8GB)….kad odlucis,samo me kontaktiraj,objasnicu ti malo bolje,sad nemam bas vreme da pisem detaljnije… 😀

          1. Anchy

            Imam od 8gb. Vazi, sacekacu jos malo, mozda srede i paketne podatke posto uz paket imam dosta interneta koji cesto koristim,kako su krenuli stalno nesto sredjuju, verujem i da ce resiti problem 3g-a. Kontaktiracu te da mi objasnis malo bolje. U svakom sslucaju mnooogo hvalaaa!!

          2. Anchy

            Samo jos nesto da pitam, koliko ti traje baterija sa androidom i druga stvar jesi skinuo sva podesavanja za 3g i idalje ne radi?

          3. Jovan97

            3g radi,ali prenos podataka ne radi,tjs nemozes da surfujes preko mreze….zavisi kako koristis telefon…mada traje mng manje nego na badu(najvise 2 dana)

  5. Sinisa

    Jel iko instalirao Android 4.3 na Wave2 ? zanima me, hocu da uklonim badu, i zanima m ejel sve u redu sa ovim softverom, da li rade pozivi, poruke, bluetooth, wifi….??

  6. shyam

    ON Wave 2 : after copying Zimage to phone memory and flashing fota and bootfiles. I pressed End key ( power Key) + Vol up key — i get “booting kernel …booting modem, etc …” and mobile switches off ( as per tutorial wait for up to 3 minutes). I waited 10 minutes nothing comes up .( Tried a 2-3 times) . Please help

    Using FOTA SD and SmooK V3 SD

          1. shyam

            There is a Zip file to remove andriod using recovery mode.

            Its on the XDA developers sites.

            I don’t have the link right now …

  7. vaibhav

    Its nice work amazing i can say.bcz these developers working for us. but one thing still lags that is data hope that will sort out too dead bada got lif

  8. Defto

    Could anyone make a new tutorial – step by step – from the begining.
    I want BadaDroid so badly, but I’m afraid to mess up my phone with this shaking, chaotic tutorial above. Thx.

  9. krish

    the post says nand kernel completely erases bada. but i can still boot bada(with some things removed or not working).i did this same as in video for 3 times and same result. i wan’t to completely erase bada. plz help?

  10. Jo Mo

    All works very well, except “power off”.

    The phone reboots to the white Wave screen when I select “power off”. How do I “power off” properly. Does alarm clock work while phone is off?

  11. 12

    2 mistakes were made in this video that stopped the android 4.3 frm running on my fone “no file found” was shown when i followed the tutorial…. i corrected that prob on my own for all u guys who are seen that prob. let me know and i will show u what i did to correct it.

      1. 12

        He did not show how to partition the memcard (big help for newbies) and at the end of all he showed u if u get a no file found simple reboot to bada an copy zlimage back 2 memcard then reboot fone and android will load. will make a vid if u dont get it

  12. xXGamer2011Xx

    It worked really perfectly, WhatsApp worked, but only 2 things:
    1. I can’t download anything by the app market
    2. After I shut down my mobile, it boots and boots… it don’t start

  13. mkhk8367

    Who agrees?

    This is just an Advice for “who has just one mobile” …

    Don’t waste your time looking forward to hearing about any BadaDroid (they are all the same)

  14. sushil

    how to uninstall android with nand kernel. i’m not able to flash bada. multiloader doesnt find any ports for my wave 1. plz help

  15. Ignace

    Jovan97, is 3G possible? GPS signal?
    Only wifif works for me.
    And is the ram memory bigger if you use a NAND ROM versus a SD ROM?
    How come that the ram memory is not bigger than 300? Can’t we reach 800mb?

  16. shyam

    For those who want to know what is not working on wave 2.

    I have installed the Rom on wave 2 .

    1> When you receive a message , it show some garbage characters .
    2> Can accept and call anyone but there is no voice or some weird noise.
    3> Games who required more RAM do not run, like candy Crush .

    Else everything works fine. At the moment i am using both bada and android.

    It would be great if anyone can tell how to notify developers .so that they can build better rom .. I know they are working on it but wanted to notify them so that they can test these .

    1. Moùàd MàbChôùr

      Do u Try It n Your wave 2 ?? Please Answer Me I want to install it

      i no want Play Games But just run Apps Like waths’app & Viber ,, Facebook Messenger ,,,, So Please Tell me Does 3G & Wifi & Bleuthout Work’s fine

      1. shyam

        yes, i installed on wave 2 .

        .watts app installs and starts but a warninng is diplayed that “wattsapp on custom rom is not supported and may result in issues.

        I tried getting GPRS settings but the settings came a junk characters .

        have not tried WiFi , bluetooth , 3g yet as i still use bada because wave 2 has problem will makingrecceiving calls.

        but someone commented that wifi works .
        I will you let u know if i get to know something .

  17. Zack Zen

    For best experience and fast use SD version, Nand look some crappy…

    Also you can uncheck 16bits and memory purge on Performance setting


    1. Ignace

      Is this a reply on my message?

      “Jovan97, is 3G possible? GPS signal?
      Only wifif works for me.
      And is the ram memory bigger if you use a NAND ROM versus a SD ROM?
      How come that the ram memory is not bigger than 300? Can’t we reach 800mb?”

  18. Jo Mo

    My “Sync Calendar” box is missing. Anyone else missing that?

    I also downloading Calendar from Play Store but Calendar show calendar I click “calendar to display”.

  19. Moisés Siqueira

    I followed the tutorial and it worked. I did like the NAND. But I did it with a 1gb SD and wanted to do a 8gb. I have to reverse the process, return to BADA and do it all again?

  20. Prakash M

    will this work for samsung wave 3 (s8600) ??
    I dont c any specific post for installing andriod on samsung wave 3 on net!!!!

  21. Crowely

    Hi! I want to enable the caller id in the call settings, but when i tap the additional settings appeard an error message: network or sim card error. Then it go back to the call settings menu. Anyone have an idea, how to enable the caller id in this rom?

  22. Jimmy

    Ej pozdrav, daj molim te kontakt fejs ili mail da mi objasniš neke stvari, par stvari mi ovdje nije baš jasno, a bez toga nemogu po?et instalirati 😀

  23. alonbi

    Can someone help me and tell me what do i do wrong?

    After flashing BOOTFILES and FOTA in DOWNLOADER 5.67 my phone goes loading normal bada and doesn’t go:

  24. GamingMedia

    After I flash FOTA, my s8500 restarts but doesnt show WAVE with red text and WHITE background

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