[ROM] Android 4.4 KitKat for Wave 1 And 2


All credits for the development of this Rom for Wave devices goes to Tigrouzen ,he developed this amazing Android 4.4 KitKat Based Rom and made this as awesome as the previous versions of this Rom. Thanks to Hero355 also for reviewing it and providing the lite version of this ROM so that you have more Ram to play Big Games.Thanks to Volk204 and Rebellos also for their continuous support for the Badadroid Community.There are many Devs to Thank at xda-developers also who contributed in this project.


For Fresh Installation

1. Flash bada with any rom like TurkoCFW v10.1

2. Copy zimage to SD card root folder and clockworkmod folder to SD Card too

3. Flash the Bootfiles + Fota

4. Go to the Recovery mode by pressing Call End + Menu

5. Go to Backup and Restore then Restore the ROM

6. Then go back and install zip from sdcard, choose update package

7. Reboot the phone and Enjoy


If you are upgrading from Any 4.3.1 or Volk204’s rom

1. Copy zimage to SD card root folder and clockworkmod folder to SD Card too

2. Flash Bootfiles + Fota

3. Go to Recovery mode by pressing Call End + Menu

4. Go to Zen Menu and Open Recovery Script

5. Then Try volk_Rom_Remover and NAND_remover

6. Go back first menu and Wipe data / clean to install new rom

7. Go to Backup and Restore then Restore the ROM

8. Then go back and install zip from sdcard, choose the update package

9. Reboot the phone and Enjoy

Android 4.4 Kitkat running on Wave 1 GT-S8500

Download Links :
1. Android 4.4 Stable Rom :

a) ROM v2 lite by hero355 : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Mzg…
(Attention : If you’ll use lite version,after restore immediately install update package from .zip on recovery mode)

b) Rom v2 full by Tigrouzen : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Mzg…

2. Kernel : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Mzg…

3. Lite Rom Addons :
a) Update package for Lite rom : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Mzg…
b) Font : http://d-h.st/FQV

4. a) S8500 Fota : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Mzg…
4. b) S8530 Fota: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Mzg…

5. a) S8500 Bootfiles : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Mzg…
5. b) S8530 Bootfiles : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Mzg…


257 thoughts on “[ROM] Android 4.4 KitKat for Wave 1 And 2

  1. Kamran Hesen

    First of all, does modem work?

    Secondly, I think since 4.3 version project is not finished yet, why you developers need to make another rom for Wave?

      1. Peppe Pascale

        it also do a thing that previous version doesn’t do.
        i stressed this rom and i discovered that
        even with only 50mb free ram
        it can run big apps.
        don’t know how but it do.
        RAM treatment in this rom is really GREAT!

        1. Bressanin Ivan

          Help Peppe, I have a problem, maybe you can help me! After I have tried to restore the new Rom android 4.4, something has gone wrong, now with the new zImage the recovery doesn’t start, with an old one yes and to load Bada I have to press menu botton+power! Why? Thanks!

          1. Guest

            Solved! But when Android i s load the screen keeps in black except for battery and signal icon. Do you have an idea?

          1. Valerio Di Rosa

            (Se provo ad installare esce la scritta “no files found”) così ho provato ad installare direttamente dall archivio .zip ma (come credo sia normale) esce la scritta installation aborted, HELP ME PLS!

          2. Francesco

            Non so se tu abbia il wave I o II e non so se cambi qualcosa, ad ogni modo devi copiare la cartella /CWM estratta e il file zImage nella Sd formattata, poi flashi fota e bootloader con il multiloader 5.65 e successivamente passi a flashare attraverso la recovery… ti scrivo di seguito la procedura che ho trovato e che ho usato io:

            Da TurkoCFW V10.1 S8500, quindi full Flash di android 4.4:

            1-Formattare scheda Sd
            2-Copiarci dentro la cartella CWM e zimage
            3-Con multiloader 5.65 flashare il Bootloader e i Fota
            4-Avviare in recovery il telefono (End Call+Home)
            5-Zen Menu->Open Rec Script->Full_Format_Nand_Bada…..
            6-Menu princ.: Wipe reset data->Clean to install new rom
            7-Menu Princ.: Backup&restore->ripristina da sdcard… ( se da errore durante questa fase procedere da Advanced restore from sdcard e ripristinare tutte le voci tranne la Cache)
            8-Menu Princ.:Install Zip->Choose zip from storage…-> prendere il file update4.4…zip

            FINE —> il primo avvio sarà più lungo del solito ma niente di trascendentale..

          3. Daniele Pensatino

            se voglio solo android ? si puo’ fare sul wave uno quale funziona meglio ? avete provato anche firefox ?

          4. Francesco

            Certo, in questo modo hai solo android sul WAVE 1, gira bene per carità, ma se uno volesse tenerlo come tel principale è un azzardo, il modulo telefonico funziona a tratti e pessimamente, per cui non sai mai se hai ricezione e se pure avendola risulti raggiungibile oppure no…

    1. pc oruganti

      Kit Kat is lighter than 4.3, hence it make sense to leave 4.3 and start working on 4.4 which is designed for lower RAM phones like Wave, we don’t have 2GB ram here. : )

    1. Peppe Pascale

      Fresh installation followed step by step, 3 times
      can’t restore the rom in -backup and restore
      Installation aborted

          1. Kkselva Rasu

            I am from India. I have loaded this rom in my wave 2 and working everything. except usb mode is not connecting with kies. device driver is not installing error

          1. Nicolas Valeran

            -MD5 mismatch. installation aborted
            then solved MD5 problem
            (in backup & restore / misc nandroid settings :
            i choose Md5 checsum, then regenerate md5 sum and then you choose recovery log.. it will generate the md5 sum.. it should be ok

    1. Peppe Pascale

      i solved MD5 problem with this but CANT ENSURE IF IS GOOD:
      in backup & restore / misc nandroid settings :
      i choose Md5 checsum, then regenerate md5 sum and choose a file.. don’t know if it’s correct but solved my md5 problem

  2. Peppe Pascale

    FULL version gives error while restoring /system
    LITE version gives error while restoring /data but it start (missing many app)

    1. Peppe Pascale

      FULL version solved=
      i had to delete bada to free memory and give the possibility to restore /system

      NOW ITS GOOD..

          1. shyam

            If i do format bada and then install nand rom.. . will i be able to flash bada 2.0 firmware if anything goes wrong ??

  3. Mall Jamal

    I have download the LIte rom and Full rom but when extract, ERROR in file..

    ! C:- Samsung Wave – BADA – BADADROIDBADA DROIDKIT KAT 4.4 Stable S8500Android 4.4 for S8500 & S8530 modified by hero355.zip: The archive is corrupt

    ! C:- Samsung Wave – BADA – BADADROIDBADA DROIDKIT KAT 4.4 Stable S8500Android 4.4 for S8500 & S8530 modified by hero355.zip: The archive is corrupt

    ! C:- Samsung Wave – BADA – BADADROIDBADA DROIDKIT KAT 4.4 Stable S8500Android 4.4 for S8500 & S8530 modified by hero355.zip: CRC failed in clockworkmodbackup2013-11- The file is corrupt

  4. Nicolas Valeran

    wifi don’t work.. but Bluetooth its ok.. very swift but wifi is not good thats the main problem..is there any fixe isssue?

      1. Nicolas Valeran

        yeah bluettooth ok.. but the heck is wifi.. if there’s no wifi.. its a useless rom.. :/ please fixe wifi dor best use

  5. Kamran Hesen

    And another question, does 3g/mobile data works?

    (I know, a lot of people asking about it all the time, but without complete modem functions, these projects can not be considered successfully)

  6. Ch3vy

    ok so i need a lil help with this ^^
    if i want 2 run this dual boot with bada wich bootloader fota should i put to run it from SD?

  7. Peppe Pascale

    after 3 years, many tests, roms etc..
    I can finally officialy say:
    i finally deleted bada nand.

    THIS KITKAT is perfect
    i can run also big apps
    no lags
    everithing so FAST and FLUID.

    Thanks Tigrouzen
    Thanks Hero355

          1. Abhi Panchal

            r u using prepaid carrier (vodafone or any) or postpaid??
            i m not able to get signals in postpaid sim card?
            what is matter with it??

          2. Abhi Panchal

            i m using vodafone postpaid sim and that is nt working ?
            but when i use vodafone prepaid sim it works?
            what is this!!

        1. Vishal Jogi

          Hey, Thank you so much! WiFi+Bluetooth is working now. I applied “3G + Bluetooth + Wi-Fi + DVM patch (Wave II)” and I am using full version from Tigrouzen !!

      1. Nicolas Valeran

        Thanks bro.. But for me I will keep bada to listen to music..lol.. because there’ not a music player better than the samsung music player ;).. lol thanks a lot

  8. Moisés Siqueira

    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log

    Then, system restore don’t complete.. help me…

    1. Karim

      I was moving from B.U.X 4.3 to this rom. I don’t know what went wrong. I tried with lite version…now I’m trying with full. :-(

        1. shyam

          Wave 2 : i am successful in installing the lite rom — i also applied the update.zip … Here are the issues :
          I can see the lock screen and can press the home button to see the open apps. i can pull down the menu from top and get all options etc

          BUT !!!

          NO ICONS : No display :( plz help )
          Also, if you can upload a video it would be great ..

  9. KINGO

    this room have many problems like wifi and bluetooth not working but rom very very Fast ! and smoothly from any rom before !! and games and apps work perfect and me not have see any lag !!!!!

  10. A BusinessMan

    anyone plz tell me,, on Wave 1 ,, evvery thing is working ??! even modem ?!

    i need to know bugs on wave 1 ,, and big well done for you guys !!

  11. damnjan

    pls help!!! i tryed to install this but couldn’t do 3-8(it auto deleted bada) and couldn’t install new version(it is old version 4.2.2)….i think zip file i downloaded is only to remove bada…where exatly to download 4.4???

  12. Rizwaan

    Should we extract the zip and place the clockwork folder on the sd or place the whole zip on the sd card. Because when i am installing i am getting ms5 error?

  13. Rizwaan

    I am not able to install it, please make a tutorial for me brothers, i am really desperate, tried to install this rom many times with no success. Every time i am getting md5 mismatch?

  14. shyam

    i installed lite rom .on wave 2 . ..no display.. though i can see the lock scrren wallpaper and unlock device… but nothing else.

      1. shyam

        did that three times ..same problem . Actually when you boot andriod for the first time after installation …. it give error that a service failed to start below the error :

        unfortunately, the process andriod.process.acore has stopped

      2. Vishal Jogi

        When you say “updated zip file” which file you are talking abt? When I do restore it reads from SD Card clockworkmod folder right? Does it generates new .zip anywhere on SD Card?

  15. mark

    i do the above step but i got an error when it reboots after the samsung galaxy logo the screen went deteriorate like rainbow color onscreen then restarts again and again and again.. what maybe the problem??

  16. Vishal Jogi

    I tried Installing BOTH the ROM’s and it is working, but WiFi and Bluetooth is not working, is it known issue with these ROM’s?

  17. Xeno

    I have a problem with this version, I have no signal on my mobile networks, I reinstalled several times the full and lite version, I made ??all the solution but to no avail. He told me that I have to turn off airplane mode to initiate a phone call.
    How can I do to fix this?

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    1. Peter Trvalec

      It’s fake value,but fully works signal…

      When people call me is fully work,but when i can call i can not because airplane mod…

      same problem :/

      1. Xeno

        Thx for your reply.
        Yes, it’s true you’re right it works in one direction. You can call me but not me. Same for sms.
        Are there be an update to fix the problem?
        I forgot to say that I have a Wave 2.

  18. Rizwaan

    After installing the lite version, the phone boots but only the network icon and battery icon are showing, no menu, no icons, nothing what is the problem?

      1. shyam

        I believe it is because of some service ( serivce name posted above in my comment ) that fails to run ..

        I too have the same issue ( wave 2) .

  19. pc oruganti

    im getting “file not found” error after flashing bootfiles and fota then tried to go to recovery by pressing home and end call key on wave 2. please help…

      1. pc oruganti

        Thank you for your help. Now I’m able to get into recovery mode but not able to restore the rom. It says partition “boot” error. Please help…

          1. pc oruganti

            Yes. I did flash boot files and fota but not able to flash the rom what is zen recovery I’m only getting normal cwm .

    1. damnjan

      like u have old bada and want to flesh to new one…open download mode(i think it sohuld be same : volume up+menu button+end call+camera button) and flash it

        1. damnjan

          no that….i mean it wont open little window (when i start wifi from panel where is clock-battery icon,sry idk name)…i have to go to settings to choose wifi instead like on bada little window popsup and than i can choose wifi

        1. Xeno

          I’m sorry I have not checked the gps, because trying to install the new update of android I have a problem to format the system and data. I will tell you from my worries will be resolved.

  20. riri

    Everything works so smoothly except the front camera..In my case, there is a problem everytime I use to take picture with the front cam..any solution to this?

  21. damnjan

    i installed this and i love it …but what i now can delete from this files and for how long do i need to hold power button to shutdown phone??

  22. Anillon

    This works perfectly after some problems with insatllation…but what’s with charging? can I leave this carging overnight or is this the same as with the cm10.1 versions?

      1. Anillon

        ok, tried this last night to and worked perfectly. Just got the Problem that the phone stopps starting at the screen with “Andoird”. it’s not frozen but also doesn’t go ahead to SIM-Entering…any solution for this?

  23. Francesco

    ” 2. Copy zimage to SD card root folder and clockworkmod folder to SD Card too ” – ehm sd card root folder….? i am sure i am missing something… Where is it…? i must create that folder in the sdcard…? do i have to do something else after point 2…?
    I had just flashed TurkoCFW v10.1 in order to have a full kitkat version.

    Help Please…

          1. pc oruganti

            To boot Bada, you need to press the power and end call keys together. But I don’t know why Android not booting up, even I’m unable to restore 4.4 rom, it fails at boot partition error.

          2. KUNDESH PUROHIT

            Firstly I also unable to install it
            it shows me md5 mismatch
            and i regenerate md5 and restore it
            after restoring it
            android screen comes after entering PIN code of my sim screen goes blank and phone going restart again and agin…:-(
            Plz solve this problem

          3. pc oruganti

            zen touch recovery is not coming for me, normal CWM is what comes when I go to recovery.. what is zen touch recovery, i never heard of it

    1. Anillon

      it’s the folder when you open the SD-Card with explorer or something else. Its just the main partition. So you connect the phone, open SD-Card in explorer (or finder) and copy the files to the Card

  24. Goran Nikolic

    hello, i have problem entering in recovery mod, flashed both fota and bootloader file, and when I press End call+meny key, i get that logo wave and some lines and nothing happend..what do you think?

  25. Francesco

    ” 2. Copy zimage to SD card root folder and clockworkmod folder to SD Card too ”

    ehm sd card root folder….? i am sure i am missing something… Where is it…? do i have to do something else before point 2…?

    I had just flashed TurkoCFW v10.1 in order to have a full kitkat version.

    Help Please…

    1. Anillon

      you need to copy the files just directly onto the SD-Card, but don’t create a special folder for this! Now you can flash bootloader and fota before going into recoverymode to install the OS.

  26. SABIN Shanmugavel

    Great job masters…plz give a video tutorial for installing android 4.4 in wave 2 as it will be very helpfull for many…………thanks a lot

  27. nmatke

    I have network signal for 1-2 hours when strating device, after that signal disappears and then i must restart system.After restarting i have signal again for some time but it disappears eventually and so on..any solution?

  28. jusuf

    c`ant enter recovery mode-menu, It shows
    FOTA OUTPUT ENABLED — BL3 Dload Mode b term —
    please if anyone experienced this issue, reply with a solution. Regards

    1. pc oruganti

      As long as the device powers up, you can bring it back to life. Don’t worry. Please follow the procedure carefully again.

  29. ian

    How to overclock? I can’t find the Performance menu even after rapidly pressing the Build etc..
    Only Developers option is available. Any reco?? Thanks! 😀

    1. Anillon

      You need to put the files like “Update 4.4 …” and “Fonts 4.4” onto the SD-Card (!) not the inner phone storrage. Now it should work and you can go on with the setup.

  30. Yogasundaram C

    Hey…i just installed it on my wave II….everything worked fine for some time….now my camera not working…..it says, ‘unfortunately camera has stopped working’….pls help me…what should do now….

    Also i tried removing full bada options…but bada is still there…but many apps in bada are gone….how to completely remove bada???…pls help me out….

      1. Páldi Gábor

        I can take it to the recovery mode, i just needet to charge the phone, i just can install the zip and restore, it says it cant mount

  31. Pratik Kumbhar

    Plz Developer……
    Work For Wave Y S5380… & Android KitKat Required Low ram So u Can port it…. Plz help…to delete bada from wave y and port Android on It!!!!!!!!

  32. Alex

    Great job!! with minor lags at times…rom is quite fast…..for those who want to know what works and what not…here’s a list… tried on s8530 Wave II

    what works :

    1) wifi (after applying dvm patch)
    2) bluetooth
    3) modem functions of call and messaging
    4) mobile data and 3G
    5) better multitasking (way too good than bada atleast)
    6) heavier games do work fine.
    7) even with low ram of about 50 MB or so games like temple run , asphalt do work

    what needs a fix :(few of them worked in cm rom by volk):

    1) status bar is not customizable
    2) network indicator and quick panel is somewhat erroneous
    3) settings miss a lot of options ( options for sound , superuser etc )
    4) keyboard has no feature of continuous typing (swype)
    5) recent apps has no button to remove all
    6) browser displays incorrectly and phone restarts at times
    7) sensors dont work as perfect as they used to in bada
    8) gps
    9) battery level shows low on restart
    10) sound quality is not that good
    11) sometimes it restarts or freezes and doesnt unlock (especially while call)
    12) usb transfers through pc to mem card are very slow
    13) fm radio app
    14) few more bugs depending on apps running that finally requires restart
    15) exiting from heavy app can lead to deadlock ( i.e freeze )
    16) after unlocking sometimes a white screen appears…

    Anyways the project is under development …hope the bugs get fixed soon …..yet giving us the feel of android in wave is an achievement in itself….kudos to the developers !

  33. Anillon

    After 1 day of perfect working, I suddenly can’t start my phone anymore. It stops at the “Android” screen. The screen is not frozen, but it doesn’t go on. Is there anyone with a solution, wich is not that I need to root the whole system?
    Thanks for answers!

  34. shyam

    Here are the issue are i am facing with Full Rom on wave 2:

    1> Network indicator remains at the lowest level –no problem i can makereceive calls.
    2> Biggest problem !!! – The screen turns white and black when i unlock it , no matter it is with the unlock button or home button ( happens 70-80 % times, Otherwise i can see lock screen fine . ) —Because of this i fear using android as it may damage LCD .

    3> Brightness is inverted – move it to the right it will decrease the brightness.

    4> 2G works for few minutes ( 5-15 min) after reboot only . So have to reboot phone everytime to make data work .

  35. saintfiction

    Please help..
    I am using wave I S8500 and after I flash bootfile & fota I can’t go to recovery mode. I already push Menu + End and nothing happen just the blank screen. What should I do? Please help..
    Thanks in advance..

    1. Anillon

      you see many different files when using the link? or is it comlpletely down? if you see files, just look at the top of the site, there you’ve “file” under the name of “Update 4.4 …” just click at this and click again at “download”

  36. hari ram

    hi my name is hari and i have samsung wave 2 mobile and i have tried android in my mobile and i dont like previous versions so i have flashed kitkat in my mobile i have flashed the mentioned fota file for wave 2 and after it i have restarted my mobile by presing end button and i am getting file not found

    please any one tell me about it and the way of installing my mobile wave 2 to android kitkat

  37. KINGO

    pls pls pls How i make wallpaper for menu background its black !! in video the menu have wallpaper as same the home wallpaper . this picture for what i mean :

  38. ondaflex

    Hello to all.
    I have a big problem.
    My S8530 put in download-mode is recognized by the PC as a Samsung modem – (Samsung Andoid inteface – adb interface) so multiloader can not see it.
    Also, the phone does not go into recovery, and Android does not start anymore since the update from 2 to 2.1 did not go through.
    I use the usb driver (4.4 mb) posted by Hero Turko 10.1 s4 in the post on xda and multiloader 5.65 and 5.67. I have uninstalled all other samsung drivers and Kies.
    I also did a hard reset of the bay but nothing has changed.
    What can I do?
    Can anyone help me?

  39. Marek Šev?ík

    so I have encountered an issue and after searching through the comments, it seems a few other people too. Yet I was unable to find the answer for my problem, so here is my question:
    I have flashed my bada (bada 2.0 on Wave 1) by the TurkoCFW 10.1 version. After that I flashed the bootfiles and the FOTA file with those that are linked above on this page. Then I copied the clockwork folder + zimage (also downloaded from this page) onto my SD card. And since then I could not continue – I can’t get to recovery mode. Whenever I press end call + menu (middle button, right?) buttons, the phone boots up same was as if I pressed only end call button -> then it shows screen with blue border and red “Wave” written on it. Soo, what have I done wrong? Or what can I do?

  40. Marek Šev?ík

    um… So I managed to install everything as it should be (using a different zImage, though. But the first thing, I have (smartly) done was a factory reset WITH SD card format. Phone has restarted and was unable to start, ofcourse, without zImage from SD card. Thing is, I can’t get to access the card anymore (thus I can’t put the files that I need on it). Any idea if there is anything I can still do to save it or is it definitely dead?

  41. ????? ?????? ?????

    i am using samsung wave 2 s8530. and using os BADA 2. i want to install android 4.4 now. is there any video tutorial step by step tutorial????help me please. or send me email at [email protected]

  42. Valerio Di Rosa

    I m trying guys, but my normal recover failed at the end (so i did the advanced restore of all and was all completd) but in the “istallation zip” it does not find files, who could help me please?

  43. ????? ?????? ?????

    hi, can any body tell me the step by step process to install the kitkat 4.4 in wave 2? my current os is bada 2. im beginner in this field so i need full tutorial.please help

  44. Salem Toubasi

    I have installed Android 4.4 on my Wave 2 but the wifi don’t work and i can’t make calls. How can I fix the problems? step by step

  45. Pingback: ??????? 4.4 (??? ??) ???? Wave 1 ? Wave 2((????? ???))

  46. A P Singh

    Anyone who done successfully.. Provide step by step installation process please. I m going to do it for the first time. I have downloaded all the files for my 8530. Please provide me step by step process

  47. Hridyansh Thakur

    What to do with thw kenral

    And when it will update available ?????????????

    Somebody tell me

    And hero 355 i wanna talk to u about installation

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