[Rom][11.02.2014] IRAN Custom Firmware for Wave S8500 Only


[Rom][11.02.2014] IRAN Custom Firmware for Wave S8500 Only

All credits for this Custom Rom goes to : Wavea

This Rom is based on the most successful Rom By Hero335, since we are not getting any ROMs from Hero335 nowadays so this Rom could be like a gift for those who are still using the old Bada system as their only operating system.

According to the Developer this Custom firmware is faster than the Hero335’s v10.1 ROM.The Developer of this Rom hasn’t changed much in the system but reduced the apps so that the system runs faster and gives optimal performance.

Firmware Base: S8500BOLD1/LG1 (With apps Hero335)

Here are some of the features of this Rom:

  • There are Persian & English & Arabic & Chines languages as the basis for writing (keyboards)
  • ability to spoofing without any limitation
  • There are programs for Yahoo messenger. Gtalk. MSN(basically ) with ability to remove
  • I have not added language to main language that the firmware cant have any bug!!!
  • increase the speed in browser(say goodbye to hanging in browser)
  • remove all ringtones(Except one ultra bretty!!)
  • remove all wallpaper and themes(expect main wallpaper and lock screen)
  • ability to RUN 5 JAVA program in a time
  • increase the memory of installation of apps and programs
  • There are programs like Caster. ChatOn. Music Hub.Samsung apps basically
  • (Not delete cause of any manipulate in the firmware in file Shpapp)
  • but with the long press on menu you can remove this apps to increase the speed
  • ability to send group SMS to 200 contact
  • increase typing speed in SMS and NOTE
  • Calendar starts from 2013
  • added Jalali Calendar and lunar
  • GPS work completely without any BUG
  • increase the speed of GPS
  • There are all the widgets by Bada
  • not removed due to firmware have not any bug
  • ability to record call(basically)
  • active and increase the speed of Social hub premium
  • added the ability to check mail sec by sec
  • fixed rising ringtone
  • ultra increase the speed in notification and lock screen
  • main lock screen of bada 2 wave 1
  • notification with 5 icon with the appearance of bada
  • By default, disable the widget
  • there is GOOGLE MAPS3 with all ability of android
  • Trust me you never seen even a little bug is this firmware

Download Link To The ROM:

IRAN Custom Firmware for Wave S8500 Only



  • Backup your files
  • Take out SIM and SD card
  • Go to download mode with these combinations
    Call end + Vol down + Lock(Camera) for S8500/S8530
    Volume Down + Menu + Power for S8600
  • Connect USB to PC
  • Open Multiloader 5.65 or 5.67 and Follow picture below
    (Multiloader v5.67 & Multiloader 5.65)
  • Port Search and Download

Flashing S8500 (Files below may Differ)

5 thoughts on “[Rom][11.02.2014] IRAN Custom Firmware for Wave S8500 Only

  1. yacine

    the facebook page still wont load , if its based on the chinist firmware that would better and there is no arabiclanguage only keyboard ,

  2. Jay Lopez

    Where can i download the firmware for samsung s8500, and i will upgrade my phone to bada 2.0. help me please…. you can email me @ [email protected] and [email protected] thank you!

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