[ROM][KK] GalaxyWave UltraKat v1 [Taste Galaxy S4 in your Wave]

[ROM] GalaxyWave UltraKat v1 for Samsung Wave 1 and 2


[ROM][KK] GalaxyWave UltraKat v1 [Taste Galaxy S4 in your Wave]

All Credits for Developing this Amazing GalaxyWave UltraKat v1 Rom goes to : DeveDroid

Hello everyone today I am sharing an update on a very interesting Rom which is based on Volk204′s CM11(Android 4.4.2) Rom and has Touchwiz interface almost similar to Samsung Galaxy S4.THe speciality of this Rom is that it has Game mode to increase performance and the normal mode to increase battery life of the device.This amazing Rom is developed by DeveDroid. Some of the features of this Rom are shown below:

Features of GalaxyWave UltraKat v1:

  •  Based on Android 4.4.2
  •  Full TouchWiz Experience
  •  Themed Framework
  •  TouchWiz apps
  •  Flat icons (S5 Style)
  •  Themed every single app
  •  Smooth
  •  Better performance
  •  Better gaming
  •  Faster apps loading
  •  Better battery life
  •  SMemo
  •  Samsung Apps (Market)
  •  And more!


DeveDroid Rom

GalaxyWave UltraKat v1 (Part 01)
GalaxyWave UltraKat v1 (Part 02)

Volk204′s Rom

CM11 Badadroid v4.2


Installation Process:-

Go to CWM Recovery and
1) Take backup of your present Rom
2) Now go to Mounts & Storage
3) Select Format System & Format Data
4) Now Flash CM11 by Volk204 or Alberto96 (Also Other Rom users)
5) Now flash GalaxyWave UltraKat Part01
6) Now without Rebooting flash Part02
7) Reboot
8) Done!
9) Let your device settle for some hours & also try rebooting one or two times!

Checking If the Rom Installed Properly or not:

After installing Rom,
Go to Terminal emulator app from App drawer


su [enter]

Then type

scan [enter]

It will search for all files & tell u if everything is installed correctly or not!

To Activate Game Mode :

After flashing Rom only!

Before playing any game,
Go to Terminal Emulator app and


su [enter]


gameon [enter]

It will start and work itself!

To Activate Normal Mode :

Reboot your device after playing games in Game Mode else the battery consumption will be high!

For Add- Ons And something extra visit the Page below:


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  • Gourab

    plzzz make android for samsung wave 3 plzzz

  • Root..

    pliiz i have a problem when i installed first zip

    it says “there’s not enough ram to work”

  • Sergio Paniagua


  • Dev Bhalla

    hey friends please anyone send me the link of bada 1.2 firmware for wave 2

    • hari ram

      hi friends i also need bada 1.2 full firmware with fota file and csc file too please can any body reupload it please

  • shadowrock27

    does it have battery protection?

  • robert diaz

    not working…. when i flash volk’s rom it says “this package is for “wave” devices; this is a “gt-I9000″.
    E:error in storage/sdcard/cm11.zip status 7

    • waapoinkz

      I got the same error dude, Hi Guys how can we solve this problem?THanks

  • Er Mayur Panchal

    i can’t download cm 11
    plz take a link for cm 11

  • Dev Bhalla

    hey hari ram i found the link of bada 1.2 firmware and csc but fota is not found but bada 1.2 firmware and csc work perfectly

  • Genie Kim

    does it run on wave2, too?

  • Jose Manuel


    Everything is very nice, but the “Back, Menu, Volume, Camera” buttons no longer work.
    I have installed the ROM ZenDroKat 2.3. I followed the tutorial described here.

    Please a solution. I like the look of the interface.


    This was done Wipe Cache and Wipe Data.

  • Macky Tolentino

    all is ok, but i haven’t found the samsung apps icon

  • Soroush Nabipour

    it says low ram and abort installation.my phone is wave II.it came up but no ui

  • Misut

    Does it work for Samsung Wave 3 GT-S8600?

  • Jose Lezama

    This version will work the GPS?