[UNOFFICIAL]SmartKat Rom v1 | Wave s8500

SmartKat v1.0 by Hero355 (Tizenus.com)

 [UNOFFICIAL]SmartKat Rom v1 | Wave s8500 by Hero355

Hey guys I know you have waited so long for another update on Badadroid and here it is now.
Our most successful Bada rom maker Hero355 has now jumped into the Android Development for Samsung Wave devices.

Here is the Unofficial version of SmartKat v1.0 only for S8500 for now. Hero355 is trying to fix some bugs and after that he will release the next version with the Wave 2 support.So till then Wave 1 users can enjoy this amazing rom.

Known Issues in SmartKat v1.0

Please do not report bugs if it is already listen in the list of known issues

  • Wave 2 Black Screen
  • Network registration don’t work with some SIM cards
  • Conference Calls
  • Some problems with audio codec settings, but generally it should work correctly
  • Impossible to shut down phone in Android, only restart
  • Wave 2 Display Driver is a bit buggy (do not ask for a fix in this thread!)


– First time flashing CM11 to your Wave? Bada 2.0 is required

  1. Enter Bada Settings->General->Memory and make sure you have at least:
    370MB of free “System” memory
    160MB of free “User” memory
    400MB of free “Applications” memory
  2. Extract zImage from zip and copy it to the Bada’s User partition (the one about 390MB big).
  3. Copy the ROM zip to your MicroSD (sdcard0) or to the Bada’s User partition (sdcard1)
  4. Flash BOOTFILES, armlinux_boot for your device using Multiloader:
    for S8500:
    for S8530:
    (please pay attention if it’s S8500 or S8530 BOOTFILES and FOTA you’re choosing!):
  5. Reboot the phone holding Power and Call key
  6. FOTA set of red messages should appear, after about 15seconds Badadroid logo shows up
  7. Be patient, first bootup will keep unresponsible on Badadroid logo for up to 5 minutes
  8. When CWM Recovery starts, pick:
    “install zip”
    “choose zip from /storage/sdcard1” (if your ROM’s zip is on the Bada’s User partition)
    “choose zip from /storage/sdcard0” (if your ROM’s zip is on the MicroSD)
    “Yes – Install cm…..” 
  9. Optionally install the Google Addon and Root using the same method (step 8)
  10. Reboot holding the Power/End Call key

– Upgrading from another build of CM11?

  1. Install the ROM from sdcard using ClockworkMod Recovery (first procedure, step 8)


  • Do not remove zImage file.
  • Normal bootup is available using Power+Call keys
  • CWM Recovery mode is available using Power+Volume Up keys



SmartKat v1.0 ROM: https://mega.co.nz/#!kAh3kZQK!0DIdFy…GmsWSwRXgVu3xo

Root: https://mega.co.nz/#!hZZUxDoD!RiC7Ra…FZN_MuLkzQkpHw
Slim Google Apps: http://d-h.st/users/ZordanKV/?fld_id=28623#files
(Remember that GAPPS makes phone slower)


Where are “Performance” and “Developer Options” categories?
To activate Performance and Developer Options categories in Settings you need to tap 7 times on Build number located into Settings->About Phone.

How-to Uninstall?
Install from zip in recovery: https://mega.co.nz/#!sI5BDDxT!PAMPWb…qNf9Xr1IfLKfDk

Why is there no transparent status bar/lockscreen widget/”OK Google”?
Those features have been disabled by Google for low RAM device in order to save RAM. You can try enabling it by removing “ro.config.low_ram=true” from /system/build.prop, however, it is not an officially supported setup.


  • Rebellos for his CM10 ROM, for his good sources and many time that he spent for the Badadroid project
  • Badadroid devs: Oleg_k, Volk204, mijoma, nbates66, anghelyi, mikegapinski, hunktb, autra, Tigrouzen and many others.
  • CyanogenMod team and SlimRom for base ROM
  • Pawitp, kasper_h, Alberto96 and all other aries developers
  • Paulk and Replicant project for good base for bada-modem RIL
  • @mnazim for SlimRom
  • and many other who helped (and still help) us.


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  1. Ammar_0027

    The rom is fully fit but one thing missing that is ” In setting there isn’t theme option in it ” i will be very thank fully to u if u add those.

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