[ROM][WIP] CM11 Badadroid v4.3 (Wave 1 and 2)

[ROM][WIP] CM11 Badadroid v4.3 Wave 1 and 2

[ROM][WIP] CM11 Badadroid v4.3 for Wave 1 and 2

Hi guys there is a new version of CM11 Badadroid v4.3 which has been released by Volk204. This Rom has many fixes and many updates please see the changelog for all the changes. This is turning out to be one of the best Rom ever as per the changelogs and the comments the developer is getting on this Rom.

Changelog; CM11 Badadroid v4.3

  • CM sources 30.03.2014
  • Many changes from CM core team
  • Kernel with new optimization (Last Mackay Kernel from Nameless ROM)(new Zram algorithm, GPU fixes and etc. )
  • Included fix for Wave2 from chemosun. This patch reduce Wave 2 screen wake up bug, i don’t know about battery drain. He sent me it several months ago, but i forgot to include it to previous release
  • Screen Frame rate path. Thanks to Alberto96
  • Disabled 720p recording/playback. Big thanks to Alberto96 for idea and sources. It gave us more RAM.(total available in ROM 283MB) It is correctly disabled in ROM. so Photo camera is fully working, video camera is only 480p. For 720p playback you can use third-party apps like MXPlayer and etc.

Download ROM CM11 Badadroid v4.3 From below

Download the Rom

Bada 2.0 is required

  1. Enter Bada Settings->General->Memory and make sure you have at least:
    370MB of free “System” memory
    160MB of free “User” memory
    400MB of free “Applications” memory
  2. Download BOOTFILES, armlinux_boot for your device:
    for 8500:
    for 8530
    (please pay attention if it’s S8500 or S8530 BOOTFILES and FOTA you’re choosing!):
  3. Download ROM from CHANGELOG section
  4. Start Bada.
  5. Extract zImage from zip and copy it to the Bada’s User partition (the one about 390MB big).
  6. Copy whole .zip to the Bada’s User partition or SD Card.
  7. Flash BOOTFILES and FOTA using Multiloader.
  8. Reboot the phone holding Power and Call key.
  9. FOTA set of red messages should appear, after about 15seconds Badadroid logo shows up.
  10. Be patient, first bootup will keep unresponsible on Badadroid logo for up to 5 minutes.
  11. CWM Recovery starts, pick:
    – “install zip”
    – “choose zip from from storage/sdcard1”
    (Bada’s User partition) or “choose zip from storage/sdcard0”(SD Card)
    – cm-11-wave-<release id>.zip
    – Yes – install
  12. Reboot holding the Power key

You can remove installation .zip from the User partition from Android level by connecting through USB in MTP mode.

Do not remove zImage file.
Normal bootup is available using Power+Call keys
CWM Recovery mode is available using Power+Volume Up keys
CWM Flashing does overwrite zImage. So every next update you can just flash .zip through CWM.

Activating Developer mode on CM11 Badadroid v4.3
For activation of Developer Mode on CM11 Badadroid v4.3 Performance and Developer Options categories in Settings you need Settings->About Phone and tap 7 times on Build number

GAPPS make our ROM slowler, because also slim GAPPS take about 15-20 MB RAM permanently
SLIM GAPPS: http://d-h.st/users/ZordanKV/?fld_id=28623#files

HOW TO UNINSTALL CM11 Badadroid v4.3
Follow the steps there: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show…&postcount=393


Special thanks to Rebellos for his CM10 ROM, for his good sources and many time, what he spent for my learning
Another Badadroid devs: Oleg_k, mijoma, nbates66, anghelyi, mikegapinski, hunktb, autra, Tigrouzen and many others.
CyanogenMod team for base ROM
Pawitp, kasper_h and all other aries developers
Paulk and Replicant project for good base for bada-modem RIL
and many other who help us.


18 thoughts on “[ROM][WIP] CM11 Badadroid v4.3 (Wave 1 and 2)

      1. Siva

        Can u please let me know abt the details
        I got my aircel sim not working
        r u in a 3g coverage area
        i m at only 2g coverage area and got my sim not working in android
        waiting for your reply…………

        1. hari ram

          every one says that while flashing remove your sim card from phone because after flashing it may works or doesn’t works but from the android cm 10.1 is released i am flashing my mobile with sim card and there is no effect
          and as you are asking about my coverage area
          then mine comes under 3g area and my sim works perfectly n my mobile

  1. Máté Schnellbach

    I use this ROM for 5 days and am absolutely satisfied and amazed. 🙂
    If I see it well, Bada uses two partitions: one for Bada and one for data storage. Android is installed on the latter. Is there any way to use the phone’s whole storage as one partition — only with Android on it?

  2. Branik6

    Maybe I have stupid question 🙂 Is it possible somewhere download only this patch: “Included fix for Wave2 from chemosun. This patch reduce Wave 2 screen wake up bug” thanks

  3. rolius

    I have an issue diring installation. Can you please help me?
    It says: E: Error in /storage/sdcard0/cm-11-wave_v4.3.zip (Status 0) Installation aborted.


    1. Máté Schnellbach

      It might help, if you download the file again (with an another browser perhaps), copy it on your storage and try the installation from zip again.

      1. rolius

        I tried it, and downloaded it from different source as well.

        FYI. I have a Zendrokat installed on my phone right now.

    2. hari ram

      try to copy again the rom file to your mobile by deleting the previous folder and while installing the rom you should wipe cache

  4. Manuel Alejandro Albert

    please help every time i try to to go the multiupload link some ilivid advertisement appears and i can’t do anything else, How do i dowload the rom 🙁 Heeeelp :'(

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