I will be very pleased to put your ad on our site and i want to tell you that you will have a very good publicity on our site since we have many visitors and we are also one of the best bada site. So you will have a great amount of profit by advertising on our site.

You can take a look at the ad slots in the below photos and see thier size.

So here are the Slots for the ads
1.Top ad at the top of the page 728 x 90
2.Above Post below post title 468 x 60
3.Below post 336 x 280
4.Right side Small 125 x 125
5.Right big 300 x 250
6.Between Posts 336 x 280

If you want to post about the app and promote it then

1. For 1 post about your app and whatever you want us to write about it + Our Short Review+Your Post Will be On the Front Page For at least a week.
2. For the above said thing + Our Detailed review + Making it sticky for 3 days as top post


If you are interested then you can contact us From the form below and We will send you the latest rates and the agreement as soon as possible.

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